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Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Every Stage of Relationship

The charm of Valentine’s Day should decrease with time; it should rather increase with time. The more years you have spent being in a relationship, the more you should celebrate your love and togetherness.It brings the couple closer and you can dig deeper into to your relationship. Buying a romantic gift, taking your partner to a perfect date, making time for each other all these ideas lead to a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Thus we are here with various Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for every stage of a relationship.


1) Just Decided to make Official

Are you making your relationship official on the coming Valentine’s Day? If you have dated for a while and or you have turned your friendship into a relationship then it’s time to make your relationship official. This would be a rather first official chapter of your love story so make sure you start it with grandest of celebrations. Different date ideas as to what you can do on this day are bundled up to look at the stars, go for a hockey game, attend a cooking class, visit the aquarium, go for chocolate tasting or show each other your favorite spot in the city. This will make you create fondest of memories with your loved one.


2) Going Steady

Now it’s been a while you are in a relationship and it is not officially your first Valentine’s Day together. You have already spent your firsts together, but this doesn’t stop you from making any blissful memories. This is that time in your relationship you guys know each other’s cons but still, you are okay with it. For this time of your relationship we have different date ideas like taking salsa dancing lessons, go for a classic dinner date, go for a picnic and enjoy night skies, play truth or dare or engage yourself in making each other’s favorite food items.


3) Seriously Committed

This is a time when you guys are really comfortable with each other’s skin. And you are confident you want to be with your partner for the whole life. In this phase things between you guys get easier as well as tougher. So it is totally upon you how you handle it. But one thing is for sure that you won’t really give up on each other, no matter how the situation will be. Go skinny-dipping, go for a camping trip, visit botanical gardens, take a hot air balloon and treat her with gifts like a lovely watch, bamboo plant, spa kit etc.


4) Mr and Mrs

They say the whole new life begins when you get married because now it’s not only your partner but his family too becomes your family. It is time to take responsibilities of his parents and other house duties. Now you guys have a long history since you are together and also have so many memorable moments together. So you can do things like recreating your first Valentine’s Day, take a spa together, Go shopping, play your favorite sport, dig into your old photos and enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Make valentine’s day flowers delivery to your loved ones and convey Valentine’s Day wishes.


5) Mom and Dad

This is one of the toughest phases of a relationship because you have kids to handle and your workload increases. You guys would hardly find time for each other because you are busy doing your house duties. You can spend this day with your kids and family so that they would also understand the importance of Valentine’s Day. Surprise your wife with a bunch of beautiful red roses and treat kids with delicious chocolates. Feed the hungry or do any kind of charity so that even kids are inspired.


6) Grandmother and Grandfather

You would have evolved as a couple and this is a time when love will be at the peak for each other. You will go your way out to make things easier for your partner if he/she is ailing. So you can spend this Valentine’s Day visiting your favorite spot where you used to visit during your younger days. You can also make videos of older clips and photos and cherish the beautiful moments of your life. Order Valentine’s day chocolates online and treat her with it.

We wish these Valentine’s Day celebration ideas bring out the best in you, your partner and your relationship.

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