8 Fabulous Ideas to Celebrate LDR Anniversary

Distance is so little when the love is too much. No doubt Long distance relationships are tough but it is up to you how well you can handle it. Also it is not possible to meet on all the anniversaries as one will have work commitments and other deadlines to meet. Even LDR Anniversaries are so much fun if you add some creativity and have a little planning. You can always plan a surprise visit to your beloved, but when you cannot practice that we are here to help. You can also reminisce the memories of the anniversaries which you celebrated together and had great times that you can cherish forever. Thus we are here with some 8 fabulous ideas to celebrate LDR Anniversary and have unforgettable anniversary celebration though physically miles apart.

Virtual Dinner and a Movie

Spare some time in your respective time zones and have virtual dinner date. Go to a restaurant or order food and have food together over a video call. It would be so sweet if you order each other’s favorite dish. You can also cut anniversary cake similarly at both the ends and celebrate love and togetherness. You can also watch a romantic movie staying at your respective houses and share some lovely moments together over video call and you will have a perfect Anniversary date.

Write a Short Story and Illustrate it

If you are living in totally different time zones or are really bust on this day and cannot give more time to your partner. Then write a short story on you and your partner, write story about what you guys will do if together on this day also write some dialogues that are funny and romantic. You can send this book to your better half as a gift of your anniversary and let them imagine a day together and have perfect anniversary. You can illustrate your book and surprise your partner.

Play a Game

Internet is easily accessible nowadays so if you cannot spend time together physically, spend time together virtually. You can stay connected to each other over online games and have fun times. There are so many online games available that are free and also give you so much joy. To make it more fun you can create your avatar and enjoy a lot playing these amazing games with your soul mate. Thus online gaming is a great way to catch up when you are apart.

Advance Planning

If you guys know before time that you won’t be physically together on your anniversary, spend your anniversary in advance so that you do not miss out on celebrations. Or you can sneak few gifts for your partner and allow them to open it only on anniversary. Later you guys can get online and open these gifts and surprises together though over a video call. Thus you should plan ahead of time and surprise your better half with gifts, letters and surprises so you guys don’t feel miserable on your big day.

Slum Book Fun

Go back to your school days when you use to write answers to few trivia questions which were so much fun to read as well as to write. You can get some questions online and enjoy giving answers to them. You can always make questions on your own to trick your lover. Though miles away on your anniversary but you will have great time doing this together on this special day. And you will realize this slum book also called autograph book is relevant even till today.

Write 365 Symbolic Love Words

No gifts can ever be compared with heartfelt words and letters. You have to take 365 small sheets and write one word in each of the sheets that describes your relationship. You can also dedicate some lines to your partner or just write reasons why do your love her. This will make your partner feel so much loved and everyday they will read one such message for continuous 365 days. Thus this is one of the best gifts you can ever gift your lover and make them feel special for the whole year. This gesture will melt your dear one’s heart and they will get one of the best anniversary surprises. Send gift baskets online to your near and dear ones for special occasions and convey festival greetings.

Send a Present to your Significant Other

Online shopping is a boon to the ones who are in LDR. So if you have your anniversary approaching, send something so beautiful like flowers, gifts, chocolates, cakes to your beloved and send them anniversary wishes. Sit back and order wonderful surprises for your better half on a click and make this anniversary special for them. You can gift them something that would remind them of you or this relationship. You can send any precious gift or a personalized gift that have both of your initials and your marriage date engraved or printed on it.

Share a Distant Candle lit Dinner Together

It is not true that you cannot have a candle lit dinner if you are miles away from each other. Go to a five star restaurant book table for two and have best meal together with your lover over a video call. This is one of the benefits of 21st generation things. Believe me this is equally romantic and it would for sure be one of the most memorable dinner dates. You should order same dishes at both the places so you would feel closer to each other and also talk about the food. Prefer using a big screen for the video call.

We hope you and your beloved will have a great time this wedding anniversary with these wonderful ideas will shorten the distance between you two. You can make anniversary gift delivery to love of your life to surprise her if you are away for work on this special day.

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