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Awesome Ideas for Celebrating 10 Years of Work Anniversary

When you work somewhere then you will feel happy if an employer also full of warm-hearted gratitude and it becomes more special, when they do something special for their most loyal employees. If a person is working in the same company from the last 10 years, then it would be the duty of employers or team to appreciate a person for his or her work and efforts. 10 years work anniversary is a milestone for an employee. So here are some awesome ideas for celebrating 10 years of work anniversary:

1] Interrupt the Daily Routine

Interrupt the Daily Routine

Try to interrupt the daily routine of an employee who has the work anniversaries. There are many things that you can do for an employee. The fun ceremonies can be done in various creative ways. You can arrange the balloon delivery to interrupt a person’s daily routine, or you can contact some event organizer or HR team to arrange something at a person’s work desk. It will be a great way to motivate and appreciate a loyal employee of a company.

2] Support the Employee’s Charitable Cause

Support the Employee’s Charitable Cause

Every person has some causes either local or global that they care fiercely about it. If you really want to celebrate the loyalty of an employee that can make a huge impact on his or her heart, then all the employees can contribute to something that a person is passionate about. It will improve employee productivity and it will show that the company also cared about their employees.

3] Anniversary E-Cards

Anniversary E-Cards

If you really want to motivate an employee who has the 10th work anniversary, then you can consider the sending of anniversary e-cards. You can get the e-card which will be signed by all your teammates. It is a great option together to recognize the contribution and achievements of an employee as well as it will build a positive team spirit. You can also send cakes online to make your teammate day extra special because completing 10 years in the same company is really a big thing. A person must get appreciation and recognition for his or her work.

4] Create a Desk Explosion

Create a Desk Explosion

You can decorate a person’s desk with lots of gifts and other stuff. You can create a moment like a birthday desk explosion. There are many random things that you can do for your colleague to celebrate a great day of his or her life. You can also keep the gifts in the bucket and you can do a birthday explosion on his or her desk or its nearby area. It is a fun way to let know a person about the work that he had contributed to a company.

5] Give Groupon Gifts

Give Groupon Gifts

Most of the companies think to thank employees for the hard work that they do for the company and the perfect way to celebrate the milestone is to give them a gift to a certain event or location. Groupon gifts are one of the best things that you can give to your employee. There are tons of deals of interesting and exciting gifts that will make the employees out of their elements and they can enjoy the gifts to live a life in a great way. This could be the unique corporate gift for the employees to being loyal towards the company and work.

6] Work Party

Work Party

To have fun, you can go to the party. The work anniversaries are a good moment to celebrate with the entire company outside the office. You can look for the work anniversary party ideas that include going to the restaurant, go for outing, for the sporting event, and more. You can check the option as per your budget.

7] Public Rewards

Public Rewards

Every person loves when he or she gets the public rewards for his or her work. The rewards are a great way to thank employees for their dedication towards the company. The simple way is to send out a company-wide email. You can also choose the best option to reward your employee for the efforts and work that he or she does for the company.

These are the awesome ideas for celebrating 10 years of work anniversary. You can choose any of them or many options to make your employee feel important for the company.

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