The Best Flowers Birthday Party Ideas and Tips for a Kids

Best Flowers Birthday Party Ideas and Tips for a Kids

What is the day in your life that you eagerly await every year? Yes, it is nothing else than your birthday. This is one day in our busy lives that we all feel special. But the ways of celebration and the expectation on this day change as we age. So, the best memories of the birthday celebration are of our childhood ones. Children are always more excited about their birthday parties. Here are a few ideas for the birthday celebration with flowers.

1) Flower Girl

Flower Girl

When we talk about flowers, it does not have to be the real flower always. You can go creative keeping the essence of the flower in it. Make a Poncho for your little angel on this birthday. But add floral essence to it. Choose the cloth having floral prints on a light color base material. Then, give the final touch by cutting the poncho into flower petal shapes. Let her have her first birthday gift from you. She will love her new birthday dress. If you are planning a flower theme party, nothing suits more the birthday girl than this.

2) Birthday Party Flower Theme

Birthday Party Flower Theme

The flower can be an amazing theme for birthday parties. The best way to decorate the party is to choose varieties of a bouquet of your little angel’s favorite flower. `The very first thing is to do is to make a flower wreath and hang it at the front door. Then inside the hall rooms, hang different designs of flower bouquets on the walls. You can decorate the guest tables with big flowery centerpieces. Keeping it with the theme, you can choose crockery sets with similar floral designs. You can get varieties of flower bouquet from flower delivery San Jose online sites.

3) Invitations


Here is a great idea of sending the invitation to your guests for the birthday party. Make a small box inside which you put the invitation card. Make the card trendy and match your birthday theme. The card must contain the theme and every minute detailing of the party. Till this, it is very common. But there comes the twist. With this invitation card, send a few seeds of plants to your guest. Make a request note to sow them in their garden soil. With this idea, you can make a birthday invitation both special and eco-friendly as well.

4) Decoration

If you keep the theme of the party to be floral, there are varieties of stuff to do. The most common option is to use real flowers. But besides that, there are many others as well. There are flora design balloons to décor your party. You can also have flower style paper cuttings to decorate your hall room as well. Another unique idea is to use colors to paint floral designs on different things. This painting idea is a unique one. If it is your close one’s birthday, you can send birthday balloons of such a unique design.

5) Favors


In any occasion, you throw a party, you must arrange the favors at the end. It can be anything and any way to say thank you for attending. The best is to arrange small gifts for the guests with a thank you message on them. Talking about small yet meaningful gifts, what can be better than the flower? A flower wrapped with a silk ribbon with a small thank you note will work like magic.

6) Food


Any party including a birthday party has food as the main important part. As it is a kid’s birthday, food must include cookies and chocolates. Kids love snacks and colorful health drinks. The main course list must also contain foods that our kids favorite. It can have floral shape cheese sandwiches and mini fruit skewers.

7) Desserts


After the food, it comes to the dessert platter. In dessert plates, do not forget to put sweet cupcakes as kids are fond of sweets. Some different flavors of home-made truffles will also work like magic. Make your dessert platter as many colors as you can to make the kiddos happy.

8) Cake


No birthday is complete without the cutting and smashing of birthday cakes. There are flavors that can make your child happy and your guests awestruck. But, make sure you arrange two cakes of your little one’s favorite flavor. The one will be for cutting and the other for smashing. To get the best birthday cakes, order from birthday cake delivery online sites.

Above are the best ideas to make your kid’s birthday a grand one with floral ideas.

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