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Best New Year Party Ideas without Spending a Lot on It!

It is the last week of December. Within no time, this year is going to end. Are you done with your preparations to welcome the coming New Year? Of course, you have. But here is a little advice from us. On the occasion for New Year, we all love to celebrate and welcome the New Year with joy. The decoration charge, the new years gift delivery charge- it becomes quite expensive for you. Who does not want to host the best New Year’s party within one’s wallet?

Here are the ideas

1) Throw a Party at Home

Throw a party at home

Whenever one thinks about a party, the first thing comes to the mind is a place to host it. They go to clubs or discos as they think these places are best for parties. But house party for New Year will be a very exciting one. The guests you invite will feel free to enjoy the party as they know the place well. Above all these, throwing a party will save your huge venue cost. TO book a place for the party on such a happening event, venue cost will be high. Instead, if you host your party at your home, you can use the saved money on other important things.

2) Remarkable Welcoming

Remarkable Welcoming

Welcoming is a very important etiquette of any party. Even for a small party, your warm welcome remains forever in the folks’ hearts. You do not have to spend much on your welcome purpose. Make it decorative with lights and simple balloons. What is more important is to be there always at the door. Attend every guest and greet them with your warm welcome. Such decoration and attention will enhance the party vibe in the invitee folks.

3) Make Your own New Year’s Eve Decorations

Make your own New Year’s Eve decorations

Everybody feels the excitement as the New Year is approaching. To celebrate the occasion, everyone plans either to throw or to attend parties of close ones. As the theme is of New Year, it will be great to choose such theme decorations. Coloring shimmer paper decorations on window panes and lights will look good. Besides, decorating your doorway with balloons, decorate the party roof with balloons also. Glitter balls and centerpiece decorations brighten the essence of the party. Another unique decoration is with flowers. Decorate your dinner/dessert table with fresh flowers. The new years flower delivery services will help you to get the best ideas about floral decorations.

4)  New Year Eve Special Cake

New Year Eve Special Cake

 No celebration is complete without the ultimate delicacy of a cake. Your New Year’s party also must have a cake-cutting celebration on the schedule. Always wait for the last guest to arrive until you cut the cake. As New Year’s parties are late-night parties, it is best to go with a cake that can be a part of dessert as well. Drinks are another important part of your party. A chocolate flavor cake will go well with the drinks. But you are always welcome to plan for any of your favorite delicacies.

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5) Having a Great Entertainment

Having a Great Entertainment

 You are starting the party late because you want to celebrate the midnight moment. Make sure your guests do not doze off. You need to plan for something exciting and entertaining for your party. Music is a must. As you expect your guests to be a little/more high, keep a place for them to shake legs and groove. You can make an exciting photo-booth, with funny props to pose with. Games will also keep your guests engaged. One unique, entertaining way is to prepare and plan for a movie night. After all are done with all the craziness, let your guests sit on the couch with drinks in their hand. Keep the movie type you choose secret. When they are all done and thinking about to relax, keep them wide awake with a horror movie. Or you can make them laugh their heart out with a classic comedy movie.

6) Planning Food and Drinks for the Night

Planning Food and Drinks for the Night

Inviting your guests for dinner on the New Year’s Eve will be a very bad idea. It will be expensive and will be difficult to keep entertaining till the end. It is best to plan for a late night party that starts at around 10 pm. For the food, refreshing snacks like barbecue will be perfect. Appetizers/desserts will be a great demand after your guests get high. For desserts, pretzels and brownies will go well. You can keep conventional drinks like wine and Champagne. To get a little high, get rum and vodka and prepare for a classic martini. Keep alcohol and cocktails for guests who prefer to keep it simple.

7) Surprise Your Guests with a Return Gift

return gifts for guest

As you have made your party worth remembering for your guests, carry the essence till the end. When your party ends and your guests are to bid goodbye, surprise them with a return gift. You don’t need to spend much. There are many small New Year’s gifts available. Send new years gift baskets to your guests and make them remember your quality party forever.

Everyone wants to enjoy the fullest but keeping the celebration within budget. Above is given the best ideas to celebrate your New Year party without getting drained of cash.

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