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7+ Chocolate variations for Mom to Celebrate Mother’s Day

7+ Chocolate variations for Mom to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Chocolates are everyone’s guilty pleasure. Even our mothers love chocolates, thus if we want to celebrate motherhood it can best done by treating our mother with chocolates. There are so many types of chocolates which definitely are admire by your mother. Chocolate reminds the person the sweet relationship you share and takes you back to your sweetest moments shared together. So spoil your Mother with delicious and yummy chocolates this Mother’s Day and celebrate your mom. Thus we are here with different chocolate variations to treat your Mother this Mother’s Day.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolates are favorites of so many people and if your mom is one among them, surprise her with milk chocolate treats this Mother’s Day. There are different items like Milk chocolate dipped pretzels, Heath and More Bouquet; Belgian chocolate covered Potato chips, Gourmet chocolate Dipped Pretzel Assortment and Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Graham Cracker Assortment all these are made from milk chocolate. So make this the chocolate hamper of the festival and treat your mother with these milk chocolate treats. Send Mother’s Day gift basket to your mother and all mother like figures to wish them Happy Mother’s Day.

Belgian Chocolate

This chocolate is very famous and favorite of most chocolate lovers. In Belgian chocolate you have variants like Belgian chocolate dipped jalapenos, a touch of gold strawberries, chocolate dipped apple assortment, Belgian chocolate dipped pears and assorted chocolate gold flavor which are all the best variants of Belgian chocolate treats. These Belgian chocolate assortments make yours and your mother’s day more special and sweet. The smooth texture of the chocolate will delight your mother and will leave lasting impression on her. If you are away from your mother you can also get the chocolate treats deliver to your mother.

Dark Chocolate

A healthy alternative to chocolates is dark chocolate. They are Saying to be beneficial in so many ways. So if your mom is growing old, this is the best chocolate option to treat your mother. Variants for dark chocolate are dark chocolate dipped pretzels and other such dark chocolate treats. Finest quality cocoa beans are using to make dark chocolate treats, thus it will give your mother best chocolate experience. Thus decadent dark chocolate will bring lot of love in your relationship and you will drool over its exotic taste.

White Chocolate

It is say that white chocolate do not contain cocoa. So this chocolate is the perfect choice for the ones who do not like cocoa but likes chocolate. It has a slightly different taste than milk chocolate. White chocolate is make from cocoa butter, vanilla and sugar. This white chocolate is using to make candies and snacks like pretzels, brownies, bars, popcorn, candy etc. For Mother’s Day you can get milk chocolate decorate in nice white box to give to your mother and make your surprise special.

Chocolate Dipped Cookies

If you cannot choose between chocolate and cookies, go for Chocolate dipped cookies. Crunchy cookies are hand dip in decadent milk chocolate to make chocolate dipped cookies. These cookies taste perfection. Premium quality chocolate is use to cover the cookies. The cookies are further decorate with different decorative edible items like colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips, drizzle of different colored chocolates etc to make them more attractive. Thus these chocolate dipped cookies packed in a pretty package are perfect gift for Mother’s Day. It feels so good treating your mother with chocolates as she was the one who used to do this when we were young.

Chocolate Dipped Berries

This is again a healthy alternative, the chocolate when combined with fresh healthy fruits it also becomes healthy. Different berries are dip in milk and white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate to give it the perfect look. The berries are also garnishes with adorable multicolored sprinklers and hand crafted royal icing decorations like bears, flowers, sweethearts, hearts etc. Thus surprise your mother with hand dipped strawberries if they are her favorite fruits and convey your love for Mother’s Day.

Chocolate Dipped Fruits

Yes you heard it right, Chocolate dipped fruits. Nowadays you can get chocolate dip apples, pears, strawberries, jalapenos, cherries, blueberries etc which enhances the taste of chocolate and gives you the best experience of this combination. All these chocolate covered fruits come in luxurious gift wrapping that makes your surprise even more pretty. Thus add X-factor your gifts and surprise your mother. Make Mother’s Day chocolate delivery to your dearest mother and express your love through these sweet treats.

Chocolate Truffle

Handcrafted chocolate truffles are so far the best gift for Mother’s Day. You can treat your mother with assortment of chocolate truffle varieties like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, tiramisu, Tea cappuccino, champagne, rum, coffee, pecan, strawberry, cheesecake etc that makes perfect chocolate truffle. These chocolate truffles are beautifully pack in decorative boxes especially for Mother’s Day so that you can treat your Mother with the best.

We hope these chocolate delicacies make yours and your mom’s Mother day sweeter and more memorable.


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