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Cold, Christmas, Celebration, Cake, and Cookies are the perfect ‘5C’ combination that is applicable at any corner of the world in December. December is ‘Cold’ in most of the parts of the world, except Australia. December denotes ‘Christmas’, the happy birthday of Jesus Christ. Every birthday is special. So, a grand ‘Celebration’ is a must. And finally to make a birthday celebration complete, ‘Cakes’ and ‘Cookies’ on the platter are all that you need. Christmas is an occasion of meeting and greeting with beloveds. Here are the best Christmas cookies that will adore the guests and give them a good taste.

1) Christmas light sugar cookie

Christmas light sugar cookie

A celebration is incomplete without the décor. Christmas is famous for Christmas tree décor and the Santa Claus stocking gifts. To decorate the whole place, the twinkling colorful rice lights are very famous and common. How about designing your sugar cookies in the shape of these little yet wonderful lights! This box of cookies includes assorted cookies made of crushed starlight mints, rock candy, M&M’s dragees, and string licorice served in the shape of light bulbs famous this festive season. These different texture gifts are very special gifts for the kiddos who love sweets and wonders.

2) Fruit cake cookie

Fruit cake cookie

One of the most favorite flavors of cakes is this fruit flavor. A fruit-flavored cake is dry, tasty, and healthy. Health-conscious people these days are considering these flavors of cakes on occasions over the other creamy ones. So, a fruit cake cookie is an equally tasty treat for the guests, an interesting and exclusive one too. This hard-paper gift box includes colorful tissue paper with normal wax paper on it. Put the line of the mini loaf fruit cookie slices on them and cover the tissue. Cover the lid and tie it with a glossy red ribbon. DO not forget to attach a gift card wishing Merry Christmas with a clothespin. This is the best cookie ideas for guest on this festive season.

3) Red velvet snowballs

Red velvet snowballs

Red Velvet is a very alluring taste for the Christmas season treats. Here in this gift box, one will get whipping white snowball treats with a surprise treat of red velvet strawberry bite inside. There is a small six egg carton box, filled with these mini lotus cupcake liners. Along with these, add your favorite flavor cookies. Tie the whole box with a plain ‘Merry Christmas’ tag and send Christmas cookies to your beloved.

4) Buttery Spritz cookies

Buttery Spritz cookies

Butter brings a twist in taste to the sugary coating of cookies. The best part of these Buttery Spritz cookies is that they come in exciting and various shapes; from Christmas trees to donuts to star to beagles and many more. The green-colored sugar powder sprinkles and the red cherry colored choco-chip balls give it the perfect Christmas theme finisher. This would just leave the guest to crave for more and more.

5) Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

What can be said in for of chocolates as every time words fall short to compliment this delicacy! Chocolate is the world-famous taste/flavor of cakes and cookies. But want to give your guests a little twist in the cookies? Try these chocolate mint cookies. Each of these cocoa infused cookies is seasoned with white chocolate chips and small pieces of mint. The whole deep chocolate dough is dipped and half covered in white chocolate. These rich bites will make your guest go ‘umm’ with their first bite to it. Cookies delivery sites provide delivery of these delightful bites at your doorstep at a pocket-friendly price.

6) Hazelnut Yule logs

Hazelnut yule logs

Christmas is all about bringing exotic tastes of fruits, nuts, and chocolates. And talking about discovering nut tastes, one can never miss the hazelnut taste. These Hazelnut Yule logs are one of the best Christmas cookies ideas to celebrate your Christmas with your beloveds. These tasty Yule logs will melt the core of your taste buds and you will be lost in a different world of delicacy.

7) Gingerbread man cookies

Gingerbread man Cookies

One of the fondest memory of childhood is the game hangman. We used to play it with our beloved friends and cousins in the chilly winter seasons when all we had was holidays from studies and free life. These gingerbread man cookies will make your guests go back to those carefree days of childhood and cherish them. This cookie has a nostalgic essence attached to it. These are so simple that one does not even need to chill the dough. Just give it a perfect shape of a man, bake in the oven; bring out and spread colorful sprinkles. Let it cool at room temperature, and your gingerbread man cookie is ready to be served and devoured as well. This would be a yummy delightful Christmas cake idea as well.

8) Cherry almond snowdrop

Cherry almond snowdrop

Christmas is a season of fruits, nuts, cakes, cookies, candies,- in a nutshell, it is a season of devouring every tasty delicacy is there on the platter. These snowdrop cookies have a husky raspberry flavor jam filling inside them. In it, there are sliced cherries to give your bites a sour-sweet treat. And not to decline you from the crunchy nutty flavor, the whole cookie is seasoned with crushed almonds. To give it the best finishing, dip the cookies in white powdered sugar.  You can order Christmas fruit bouquet online along with this cookie basket for your beloved this Christmas season.

Cookies are such a tasty treat that lingers the craving to have more and more. And its varieties keep you tasting more and more to explore new tastes. Above are the best Christmas cookies to surprise your guests this Christmas.


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