Complete Guide of Tradition of Plant Gift Ideas in Corporate World

Plants can fill in as an indication of nature’s untamed magnificence which is craved by us beyond our limits of workplaces and homes. Plants are essential and they are much more than their roots, stems and leaves. They are long lasting and living gifts. Moreover their consistent growth, simplicity and low maintenance make them exemplary and unique. They are one of the best eco-friendly choices for the corporate gifting. There are Plants that produce bountiful fruits and flowers too so to clients and stakeholder these type of plant gifts are perfect. While to employees you can gift plants that help them focus on their work and would be of medium size so that it can stay on their desk while their working.

Various Plants that Symbolize in Corporate World

Giving a plant gift is always a great idea whether it is a personal or a professional gift. But it is more beneficial in the corporate world because it is such a gift that breathes life into the cabin and reminds the employee of the warm thoughts towards them. You will have to choose different type of green plants with meaning for different occasions and see which plants are appropriate for the particular occasion. Thus we have here included some plants that would help you say exactly to your stakeholders, clients and employees for various occasions and corporate events.

Money Plant

As the name of the plant suggests, this little green beauty symbolizes wishes for the good fortune of the recipient. These money plants are great gifts for the business contacts and co-workers. Moreover they make excellent office plants as they prefer indirect lighting and they also require very less water. Send corporate gifts online to all the business stakeholders and convey greetings for various professional occasions through various plant gifts and make the relationship with them stronger.

Peace Lily

This plant symbolizes innocence, rebirth, purity and of course peace. This plant is often given as sympathy plants but when you gift peace lily to someone it also means you are wishing them peace and tranquility. Peace lily is also an air cleaning plant and thus is also one of the most popular indoor plants. These plants have beautiful specialized leaves which make them look so lovely and thus they would look perfect on the office desk. Moreover they are very easy to take care of and they do not need big space of much daylight which makes them perfect office plants.

Bonsai Trees

These plants are synonymous to inner strength, wisdom, calm, peace, balance and harmony. This bonsai tree is a beautiful and meaningful plant gift. It ascends from the Japanese art for; it remains the symbol of spiritual and artistic significance. It acts as connection to the natural world. This plant gift is a great gift idea for the one who enjoys taking time in doing things. It is a perfect gift for the ones who appreciates fine things in life. They make a great gift for your employees as well your clients and they would be really delighted by such lovely nature’s fine art.

Lucky Bamboo

These plants are meant to bring happiness, longevity, good fortune and wealth to the recipient as well as the giver. For the gift receiver the message depends on the how many stalks a plant has. For example two bamboo stalks are for love, three are for long and happy life, five are for wealth, seven are for health, eight are for growth, nine for luck and the ten is for perfection. So this kind of plant gift is a great gift idea for the stakeholders of the business and you can surprise them with this plant gift for various personal as well as professional occasions to let them know you care about the business relationship you share with them.


The symbols of this delicate gardenia plant are purity, clarity and trust. This plant has very vibrant white flowers and has an alluring natural fragrance. These traits of the plant make this blooming and leafy plant a popular plant for different special occasions. They are great from sympathy gifts to anniversaries, birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts. These flowering plants will help you express your regards to the recipient in the best way as they are aromatic and airy.

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Why Plants as Corporate Gifts?

We would also like to tell you why plant gifts are perfect as corporate gifts. First of all it is the gift that will help in increasing customer retention along with that it is a gift that continues giving for the years to come. It is also a gift that would stand out from other gifts as it is a living gift. It is sustainable and eco-friendly gift which would make your company prestigious as you are into encouraging green gifts. And the last factor is that plants are the gifts for clients that would render another mutual idea sharing opportunity. Make indoor plant delivery to your friends and relatives for various occasions like anniversary, housewarming etc to wish them many congratulations.

One can choose green gift to revolutionize green thinking. Lately the business enterprises and corporate firms are exhibiting adherence towards adapting the concept of green gifting. With an aim of directly connecting to Mother Nature, a gift of plant is a great idea. This kind of initiatives will enable your company to become socially and ecologically capable. This green gifting is a great idea amid the relentless push and pull of the urban hustle. When you gift your clients, stakeholders and employees well tended indoor plants, you can inculcate a strong bond of love, humanity and affection. These kinds of gifts are usually investments and they are to be marveled at for ages.

One more things about green gifting is that it comes with many great ecological advantages like decreasing carbon traces, improving work or home efficiency moreover adding to the aesthetic allure and fostering a green value. Whether you are having annual fest at the office or Women’s Day celebration or Birthday or Anniversary or for festivals like Christmas or Diwali, these green gifts will always make an immaculate offering.

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