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Dahlia Flower – A Plant of the Asteraceae Family

Dahlia Flower belongs to Asteraceae family which has over 20000 different species in the family. This is the second largest family after the orchid family. These flowers come in variety of shades like white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple etc. The blooms too vary in sizes and it can range from 5 to 30 cm in diameter. Numerous petals encircle the yellow core of the flowers that is called capitulum or floral head. These flowers today have become so much popular and they are quite popular amongst competitive growers. These flowers are native to Mexico where they have been for so many centuries. 

These flowers are associated with different meanings. They symbolize inner strength, creativity, change, dignity and elegance. They also are known to represent the one who stands strong in his or her scared values. Dahlia flowers come in so many different colors and thus they can represent so many different emotions and values. They are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and thus you can give it to your loved ones to convey your love and affection  and also wishes for special occasions. 

Dahlia Flower - A Plant of the Asteraceae Family

Uses of Dahlia Flower

  • These flowers are commonly used for decorative purposes to decorate on cakes, pastries and tarts.
  • It can also be served along with cheese or desserts as garnish.
  • You can remove the petals of these flowers and add them to green salads for pop of color.

Interesting Facts

  • These flowers may have sweet pea scent even though most of them are scentless.
  • The season of these flowers begins in early spring and continues through summer till early fall.
  • Dahlia is a national flower of Mexico and official flower of Seattle.
  • These flowers were named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.

Soil needed

  • Dahlias needs full sun and steady moisture.
  • These are plants that borne from tubers and thus will require well drained soil.

How to plant

  • Prepare the soil by digging it one foot deep and also amend the compost if it is necessary.
  • You will have to plant the seeds about half inch deep in a pot or flat.
  • Cover the seeds with more of the soil and add water until the soil is moistened.
  • You can place the container in a warm location and allow the seeds to germinate.
  • This plant normally germinates in 5 to 7 days and once the shoots are visible you can remove plastic or glass.

Maintenance and Care

  • When these plants become massive they will need support.
  • The large plants require support when they become very tall to prevent plant breakage and loss of large blooms.
  • You can also tie plants to the stake which were driven next to them during the planting time.
  • You can use a string or soft twine and tie loosely to the stem to avoid constricting developing plant. 
  • Individual stalks should be tied when buds form and enlarged and start tying them when they are about 1 foot tall. 



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