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Daphne Flower- A Plant of the Thymelaeaceae Family

The botanical name of this flower is Daphne and the common name is Thymelaeaceae. They are deciduous and evergreen shrubs. They are noted because of the scented flowers and bright colored berries. The flowering takes place in late winter to early spring. This plant bears fragrance and has tubular flowers from white to light pink color. The flowers have small red berries. They have leaves throughout winter and the leaves would not become unattractive till late winter. They are native to central and Southern Europe and Asia. They are also sound in North Africa and introduced to North America. This is an evergreen shrub that produced thick and glossy 3 inch long leaves. The stems can reach 3 to 6 feet in height and it can also form wide clumps. The pervasive floral fragrance can spread up to 20 feet away. There are 50 different species of Daphne throughout the world. 

It is the symbol of immortality and it also conveys the meaning of honesty and sweetness. Also the blessings of a new born baby and bringing joy. 

Daphne Flower - A Plant of the Thymelaeaceae Family

Uses of Daphne Flower

  • It is used in the treatment of backache, skin diseases, poor vision, myalgia etc.
  • The decoction of the leaves is also used in the treatment of sore throats and laryngitis.

Interesting Facts

  • All the parts of this flower are poisonous, especially the berries. 
  • They irritate the skin and you must not plant these shrubs if you have children or pets in your home.
  • These are easiest shrubs to grow.
  • The fading of flowers is followed by the red fruit in spring.

Soil needed

  • They require well drained and moist soil.
  • The soil Ph should be neutral to acidic.
  • It requires partial sun to partial shade.

How to plant

  • You must harvest the seeds till the pods are still green on the plant.
  • The winter Daphne seeds can be sown in cold frame when they are fresh.
  • Don’t let the pods totally dry out because if seeds go dormant it will be harder to germinate.
  • You can plant them in a small pot and seal it in a clear bag to retain the moisture inside.
  • It can also be propagated by stem cuttings taken as hardwood in late summer and softwood in early summer.
  • When you are planting the bush, you must keep the plant crown above the ground level.
  • When planting the potted Daphne, make sure the roots are white and healthy. 

Maintenance and Care

  • A layer of mulch will keep the roots cool and moist.
  • Water the shrub when there in not so much of rainfall. 
  • It requires fertilizing just twice a year. 
  • They also need plenty of air to stay healthy.
  • It must is watered little in the summer because it encourages more flower production later in the year.
  • Keep the plant moist all over summer and also mulch to cool the roots. 
  • Good drainage is really important for the proper growth of this plant. 



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