These are perennials and they are grown for their showy spikes of their colorful summer flowers in beautiful shades of pink, blue, white and purple. These flowers are favorite of many gardeners but sometimes it a challenge to grow these flowers. It is a genus consisting of over 300 species of which some are annuals and others are biennials or perennials. It is one of the most popular summer garden flowers. These flowers are often brightly colored and can stand out in any garden. They are available in bright blues, purples, crisp white, yellow and salmon pink. It is native to China but now is found all across the world. It is a flowering plant from Ranunculaceae family that has more than 500 species.

This flower derives its name from the latin word delphis meaning dolphin. The buds of this flower plant appear to resemble aquatic mammals. People believed in Greek mythology that Delphi temple was named after these flowers and so people thought this flower bring good luck. These flowers come in different colors and signify different meanings. Blue one signifies dignity and grace, white innocence and purity whereas pink and purple represents romance, love, royalty and beauty.

Delphinium Flower - from Buttercups Family

uses of delphinium

  • These flowers are popular in cutting gardens and cottage style gardens.
  • Though they are poisonous they can be used for health benefits. 
  • In ancient times these flowers were used for medicinal purposes and also for relaxation and better sleep.
  • These flowers can also treat the sting of Scorpion and parasitism.

Interesting Facts

  • It is a poisonous flower so you have to handle it with care.
  • These flowers were initially wildflowers but they are no longer wild now.
  • The most popular and well known species of these flowers are Royal Larkspur, California Larkspur and Tall Larkspur.

Soil needed

  • These flowers prefer moist and cool summers.
  • It grows well in fertile and well drained soil in full sun to light shade.

How to plant

  • You can plant it in spring, preparing the soil by mixing 2 to 4 inches of compost.
  • You must dig a hole twice the diameter of the plant’s container. 
  • You must ensure while planting that the top of the root ball is in level with the soil.
  • They are planted in masses or groups and the shorter varieties are used in other parts of the garden.

Maintenance and Care

  • The soil should not dry out so water the plants well during summer.
  • Also deadhead by cutting the spent flower so the flowering side shoots. 
  • Once these flowers have finished blooming, you can cut the flower stalks to the ground so that new flower stalks develop. 
  • When the plants reach 12 inches high you must insert support.
  • If you have to divide these plants in spring, remove and replant the new little plants growing outside of the clump.
  • Regular fertilization during flowering period is important, stunted growth of plants indicates the plant needs more fertilizer.