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Dietes Flower – A Plant of the Iris Family

These flowers are also called pinks and they belong to the family of plants which also includes carnations. These plants may be found as hardy annual, biennial or perennial and they are most used in borders or potted displays. The scientific name of this plant is Dianthus barbatus and it has fragrance with clove and cinnamon notes. You can find these flowers in pink, red, salmon and white hues. The foliage is sparsely spread and slender on thick stems. They have long lasting flowering that can extend for at least 8 weeks.

The word Dianthus comes from the Greek word dios and anthos meaning of Zeus and flower respectively. Different colored carnations can represent different feelings light red carnations can represent admiration while dark red denotes love, white carnations represents good luck. Pink carnations have become the symbol of mother’s undying love and so are most popular flowers for Mother’s Day. 

Uses of Dietes Flower

  • They are perfect cut flowers and you can decorate living rooms with them.
  • They are used for so many decorative purposes.

Interesting Facts

  • It can radiate a sweet and exotic odor which will provide the gardens and balconies with unique flair.
  • They are five petalled flower generally frilled or serrated on the edge.
  • More than 100 species of these flowers have earned the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society in United Kingdom.

Soil needed

  • It grows well in full sun to partial shade or anywhere they receive 6 hours of sunlight.
  • This plant requires fertile and well drained soil that is alkaline.

How to plant

  • You will have to wait until the danger of frost has passed when planting dianthus and do not mulch around them.
  • Some of the varieties of this plant are self sowing.
  • It can be propagated by division, tip cuttings or even layering.
  • You can find readily available dianthus seeds and may start indoors six to eight weeks before the danger of frost has passed.
  • The perfect time to plant dianthus is spring or autumn.
  • Soil frost will be over in springtime and so plant it also add a protection foil to shelter the plants.
  • A hole in the soil must be dug and stones or old roots must be removed so that the water can drain well. 
  • You must also mix soil with the compost because it will give the plant powerful growth.
  • The hole you made should be twice as deep as the root ball’s size, press the soil firmly and finally you can water it moderately and slowly and wait for it to germinate.

Maintenance and Care

  • Water the plant only at the base of the plant to prevent mildew spotting and keep the foliage dry.
  • Water the plants when it is dry and apply fertilizer every six to eight weeks.
  • Deadheading is extremely important to encourage additional blooming.
  • They do not need much intense care but one must take care to ensure its best growth.




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