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There are many Easter traditions around the world and each one of them celebrates Easter in their own way. There are different cooking styles other ways preparing for this holiday. However, some of the common things that remains is the eater games played during the get together. However, like the traditions there are different games to be played on this day. Some of them are add below:

1.Egg Bocce Ball :

As the name says, this game has to be played around Easter eggs. There are eight eggs dyed in set of two colors of four which are same. Also one regular hard boiled egg is been included in the game which is not dyed.
Any one player among the two will toss the plain egg to place it in the middle of dyed egg and he has to place it closer to the two same color eggs. More the point of touching the eggs of same more are the chances to win the game.

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2.Egg Toss :

It’s fun to use raw egg but if not raw then you can use hard-boiled eggs. Also if you want you can color them. Team up the players in the pair of two. Two players have to stand at 2 feet of distance and when the whistle blows, each team will be handed with one egg. Now the team members have to toss the egg and catch it, it missed and touched the ground, the team is eliminated.

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3.Eggy Hunt :

This is a simple game. The concept is to search eggs using flashlights before the guests arrive. The eggs can hide anywhere in the backyard or in any corner of the house. However, maintain a record to keep a check where you have placed them.

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4.Bunny Race :

Every individual will be dressed on bunny and there shall be a bunny race conducted. Whoever, reaches the finishing line first will be the winner. It becomes fun when you have to act as a bunny and run. The attire makes it more interesting and fun game to play.

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So with these simple and interesting games, make your eater evening more fun and cheerful. There is no much preparation needed for these games. You can easily start them anytime. If you do not have bunny costumes you cans imply draw with pencil a bunny face on your face and start the game.

So enjoy your Easter Sunday with loved ones.

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