Easy Cake Decoration Ideas that you can Do at Home

Cakes need not be purchased every time – you can make them at home. Now, cake making can be difficult, but even more complicated is its decoration. Decoration needs to be precise and beautiful, because it is the sole reason of any person to choose a cake; the person will base his choice on the presentation and the decoration. If you are making the cake at home, then you can help yourself with these ideas.

Fresh Blooms

Fresh flowers might be an odd choice to decorate any cake, but believe us, it actually works! The cake looks classic, beautiful and sharp. If you are decorating a cake for anyone’s wedding, ask the wedding florist to provide you with some of the best and freshest blooms he would have. If he is not available, then you can ask your normal florist to give some fresh blooms as well.

Edible Fruits

Fresh, edible fruits are always good, health wise and taste wise as well. Berries are always welcomed on the cake, but did you ever think about doing something out of the box? Halves of peaches, plums, apricots, among others, can look beautiful and would taste great, especially if the fruits sprinkled across are cut in smaller, more edible pieces. There is also cake delivery online for such cakes – because they are real one of a kind!


Meringues are a type of dessert, which is made from whipped egg whites, sugar, and sometimes lemon, vinegar, cream of tartar. These meringues can be placed on the top of the cake for some more appeal. You can even acquire some small, bite-sized meringues to decorate the cake from the sides as well. Meringues make the cake even more pretty!

Chocolate Plagues

Chocolates are always the primary choice for cakes and its decoration. Even the birthday cake online can be seen adorned with chocolate sprinkles and other chocolate decorations. The only hard part of using chocolate on cakes is that it needs to be tempered, in order for you to get a nice, shiny look. You can DIY some unique chocolate ideas, such as thin ganache, or magic shell for a similar look. Both of them are sensitive to heat, so you will need to be more careful about the cake. You can even make big shards of chocolate to cover the whole of the cake – the ideas are many and equally unique.


It is an even sharper, more beautiful and even more used way to finish a cake. Piping can see and feel to be very difficult and kind of intimidating, but it is a great enough way of decorating a cake. You can pipe the borders, or even the whole of the top of the cake. There are a lot of types and ways in which you can do the piping – you can search about it online to find some more information on it.

Small Cookies

Cookies and cakes might belong in same sweet family, but very rarely have they been put together – and you are going to do just that! You can scatter cookie crumbs on the top or even stick them around the cake. This would give an unconventional but equally beautiful look. You’ll find the guests licking their fingers because of this unique combination.


Macrons are sweet, meringue-based confection, which is made with egg white, some icing sugar, granulated sugar, some almond powder or ground almond and also food color for making the macrons colorful and appealing. You can use this sweet goodness for decorating your cakes as well. Not sure how to do that? You can make the macrons in small pieces and sprinkle them over the top of the cake, or even stick them to the side – use the same colored macrons as same as the color of the cake, so that it looks even more appealing.

So, there you have it! These easy cake decoration ideas are there to save you from the cake disaster if, just in case. These ideas are foolproof, and if done correctly, will make your cake look even more beautiful and ten times more delicious.

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