How to Keep the Soft Toys Clean and Disinfected?

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Clean Soft Toys

Gifts are the best ways to extend the essence of an occasion. To make the celebrations memorable, we send each other different forms of gifts. On occasions and for the recipients, there are different types of gifts. Among all gifts for all occasions and everyone, the most common one is the plush toys. From 6 years of age to 60 years, this is a universal gift. On different occasions, we receive plush toys from our beloveds. But one concern that kills us is how to clean soft toys and keep them afresh like new. Here are the best ideas to keep them clean and disinfected.

Can You Wash and Clean Soft Toys?

The biggest question that everyone has on their mind is this. Is it possible to wash the soft toys? It indeed is possible to wash the soft toys. We can suffer from communicable diseases. After that, one should wash the plush toys at a regular interval. Also, if your child is allergic to dust, their toys need regular washing. Also, any time the stuffed animals look greasy, it needs a wash. If your beloved sends a birthday gift, a plush toy, it is important to keep it clean for better essence.

The Best Way to Clean Soft Toys

There are various ways in which one can choose to clean the plush toys. There are different ingredients one can choose to use to clean the plush toys. The furry ones need a hand wash. It is best to follow the washing direction on the label or tag. Here are the best ways in which one can clean the soft toys-

Machine Wash

Machine Wash

Most of the plush toys are possible to wash inside machines. When you put the plush toy inside the machine, you need to take care of two things. The friction of the plush toy with other clothes can destroy its texture. Hence, it is best to keep inside a bean bag or a zippered pillowcase and wash. It is best to put every toy in individual bags. Also, while washing, they need to use cold water and normal detergents. After one wash, one needs to run a second rinse to keep the suds out. These are the key points one should remember to clean soft toys. It keeps the toys well and afresh like the new one.

Hand Washing Soft Toy

It is best to wash the plush toys with your hand in the basin. Sometimes, one can also use a bathtub or bucket. Swirling would wash the dirt away. First, you need to soak the whole plush toy in the detergent water. Then squeeze it gently through the soap water. If there are spots with stronger strains, one might need to use fingers on them. While swishing the water, never wring the plush toy. It will make the toy lose its elasticity. The stuffing might bunch as well. Hence, if you want to squeeze it, do it under the running water. It is important to clean the get-well stuffed animal gift after returning from the hospital. There is a high chance of infection from these.

Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes, the materials of the plush toy react with the detergent. It can fade the color of the plush toy. So it is important to spot the test first. The first one can mix a tablespoon of liquid detergent into a cup of cold water. Then dip a cotton swab in it and rub a small area of the toy with it. If the color does not come up in the cotton swab, wipe the surface of the toy with light effort. After the soap washing, you can use a plain water soak cloth to wipe the detergent away. This is how you can clean varieties of stuffed animals.


The soft toys lose all their charm with time. Hence, they need a regular wash. One can choose not to wash it with water. You can put the plush toy inside a big plastic bag. Put a cup full of baking soda in it. After tying the knot tightly, shake the plastic bag for some time. Then let the toy sit inside the bag for an hour. Then put the toy outside the plastic and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can clean soft toys in a very short time. It will smell like a fresh new prop.

Rinse and Dry

Rinse and Dry

To clean the soft toy, you need to use detergent soap water. After proper wash, you need to rinse the toy first with a clean cold-water soaked towel. Then air-dry the toy to relive the fragrance and freshness. DO not forget to comb the plush toy afterward to make it look special. You might think about what to do with old stuffed animal plush toys! Here are the best remedies for making it a new one.

Remove Odors with Soda

This is the same method of deodorizing. If the toy is muddy, old, and greasy, this method can clean it. First, put the toys in each zipper-lock bag. Use some baking soda by sprinkling. Now shake it off well and keep it for an hour at least. After that, you can throw the reduced soda. Your plush toy would shine like a market-fresh product. The vacuum cleaner takes away the dust and oil and grease in the toy. This one can use this technique to clean soft toys.

Everyone loves a cuddling buddy like plush toys. But since it is very much subtle, it is very difficult to maintain its grace of it. Above are the best ways to keep soft toys clean and disinfected. These are the ways in which they can remain disinfected.

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