Impress Your Friend with Authentic German Cakes

With social media in our life, we become friends with so many people around the world. Inviting them, get together and how can you forget sleepovers? During such times, indulging in something sweet while snuggling with a pile of blankets is a must. A delicious treat which consists of multiple layers along with creamy frosting is cake. Because of which we come up with Authentic German cakes. You can always choose to send online cake to Germany when you are on the other side of the globe. Read on the below to find out some exciting cakes.

Traditional German Black Forest Cake


A true lover of cake can hardly resist a scrumptious black forest cake also known as “Deutscher Schokoladenkuchen” in German. The cake has 4 layers of chocolate along with the kirsch immerse cherries. Besides, the coating of whipped cream will melt in your mouth for the very first time. Additionally, it is decorated with chocolate shavings. For a chocolate connoisseur, when offered as Birthday cakes Germany, he will be on cloud nine.

German Fruitcake


With our fast pace life, we rarely get the time to bake a cake for family. As a result, we have shops available which fulfills our desire of eating mouth-watering cakes. One of the simplest yet tasty is German fruitcake. Traditionally this cake is being made in tart topped with fruits. You can always opt for the fruits according to likes and dislikes of the person. Or seasonal fruits which are available. The crispy layer of the tart and exotic flavor of fruits will add sweetness to your life.

German Cheesecake


Creamy, fluffy and crispy from bottom – that’s what a bite of cheesecake is all about. The usual German cheesecake is being made from the quark which is also known as “Käsekuchen “in German. It has one or more layers. The top layer is of fresh and soft cream cheese and other ingredients which very much fluffy than that of authentic cheesecake. The bottom layer is crunchy which is of digestive biscuits, graham crackers or any other base. It’s similar to that of pastry base. To complete the entire look of it is topped with fruits, nuts, syrups, jams or any other topping of your taste.

German Coffeecake


The “Kaffee kuchen” which is also called German coffee cake is everyone’s favorite cake. With the passage of time, everyone is becoming cautious about their health. Because of which this gluten-free coffee cake is a must for the “Health freak” friend of yours. Generally, an afternoon with the cup of tea or coffee beside your favorite book, this cake will uplift your mood. Unlike any other cakes, this one is crumbled from the top yet having the little crunch to activate your taste buds. The nuts in every bite and the smell of cinnamon when taken out from the oven are worth everything. Serve it with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream for extra deliciousness.

German Christmas Cake


Christmas is that time of the year where you will arrange parties for your folks. Like in every reunion a cake is a must, for a change go for German Christmas cake/stolen. If you are in hurry you can always buy it online. It contains dried fruits, nuts, raisins and so much more. The customary way of making is with the help of yeast but not everyone is free during Christmas because we all have our own plans. Furthermore covering the stolen with powdered sugar or icing sugar to make it look appetizing.

German Vegan Chocolate Cake


The one which is being loved by everyone is German vegan chocolate cake. The dark brown color and the luscious chocolate flavor, Sigh! It’s impossible to resist. The gooey chocolate frosting along with pecans will give you comfort on your Saturday evenings with your friends. Similar to the fudge this German chocolate cake is full of rich ingredients. For those who love coconut, it’s an ideal one as there is coconut sprinkled on top. For a perfect accomplishment serve it with vanilla ice-cream when the cake is fresh from the oven.

The next times you are planning to surprise your dear friend don’t forget to tag along with these cakes. These are the moments you are going to look back when you are old. Thus, celebrate your life with these flavorsome cakes.

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