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9 Best Indoor Plant Ideas as Best Housewarming Presents

Houseplants are best because they serve us with air cleaners to creative décor. They are beneficial in so many ways; there are different varieties of houseplants that are suitable for indoor conditions. There are Indoor Plant that need minimal attention and care and still make the corner of your room very attractive. Also, they are the best housewarming presents because when you move to a new place you can always in search of thing you can decorate your home with. And in this generation houseplants are the most perfect home décor ideas. Thus with your friends and relatives congratulations on their dream home through these best indoor plant ideas as great housewarming presents.

1] Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

This plant is all over the internet and is trending for home décor ideas. The plants have lush green leaves with distinctive holes that can be fitted in any corner of your home and make it look attractive. This plant prefers a warm climate but keeps it away from direct sunlight. To maintain the Indoor Plant and keep it lush green clean the leaves with a damp and soft cloth. When these plants are planted in containers they need to be fed once a month in spring and summer. Make housewarming gift delivery to your loved ones and wish them congratulations for this big accomplishment.

2] Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy

This plant can be suited at any place in your home as a fast-growing plant. It is also called the golden pothos. This vine is super low maintenance and very gorgeous. They can be potting in hanging baskets or in glass vases they look stunning. The color of the leaves depends on cultivar it can be green, white neon and other such shades; they are of heart-shaped and waxy. This plant does not need regular fertilization and is also drought resistant. You can propagate this plant by placing the cuttings in glass jars.

3] Peace Lily

Peace Lily

This plant has been one of the most popular houseplants since a very long time. Also NASA gas featured this plant as one of the best plants as an air purifier. This Indoor Plant has stunning white flowers, dark green foliage and leaves are glossy. In warmer months this plant has to be water once in every week and in winter even lesser. Make sure you clear up the building foliage on the plant to prevent dust. Keep it away from kid’s reach as it is poisonous.

4] Bromeliad


Earlier is planting considered for advance gardening but nowadays people are using it as a house plant because of its beautiful colored rosette. When planted indoors this plant requires medium to bright light but not direct sunlight. Prevent water stagnation through flushing on a regular basis. You can water the plant by filling the tank of the plant once a week in warm months and a little less in winter months. You can add fertilizer to the soil once a season so the plant stays healthy.

5] Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant also is known as Rubber Fig is quite popular when it comes to houseplants. You can have it in the form of a large indoor tree or have a plant in a small pot both of it is going to add charm to that particular area. Weekly watering is need to this plant in warm seasons and in winter months they can survive on or even monthly watering. They like bright but indirect light and have shiny leaves in the shade of burgundy and dark green.

6] Snake Plant

Snake Plant

This plant is generally places in bathrooms as it can filter out formaldehyde that is present in various body care products. This is also one of the best air purifying plants by NASA. This plant requires no extra attention and one of the easiest to grow. So even if you are planning to go out of town, you can keep it on its own, even if you forget to water them it is fine. But one thing you need to keep in mind while having this plant is it easily rots, so plant it in free draining soil.

7] Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig

If you want this plant, you need to give time to this plant to grow. This plant can help against emissions from furniture and curtains. Once it is grown it will grow up to 10 feet. Keep in mind not to keep this plant moving around because it will start shedding its leaves. Place the plant in indirect bright light and it is a long lasting plant, whose beauty you can enjoy for so many years. Keep it away from direct cold or hot air as the leaves fall. Buy plants online to get them at a reasonable price and decorate your home gorgeous plants.

8] Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy

This is also a very popular houseplant that would make your home look colorful and vibrant. Many people choose this plant outdoors, but can you can plant it indoors. This plant can keep your room vibrant any time of the year with its colorful blooms. Also, they come in many different colors like yellow, orange, red and so you can choose according to your choice. Thus they are one of the most beautiful flowering plants.

9] Dwarf Azalea

Dwarf Azalea

This plant grows in bright areas and they can reduce the levels of formaldehyde caused from plywood and foam insulation. This plant produces very beautiful flowers in the spring season and they last for several weeks. Do not place them at the positions with direct sunlight as direct sunlight may burn their leaves. This plant is available in many colors and blossoms like a shrub. To keep the plant look pretty trim it when the blooming period has expired. They look really good on the bare side near your sofa set. So to complement your sitting area put Azalea on it.

These are some best indoor plants and always one of the most perfect and useful housewarmings presents to congratulate your near and dear ones.

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