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It all started back in 1824 when Scientist Michael Faraday first invented Rubber Balloons at Royal Institution in London, England. He made it simply by laying two pieces of rubber one over another. At times it was also made from dried animal bladders. After Faraday’s invention, Thomas Hancock a rubber manufacturer started selling a do it yourself kit of toy balloons which contained a condensing syringe and a bottle of rubber solution. Later in 1847 J G Ingram started manufacturing first vulcanized toy balloons in London. These balloons were unaffected by the outer temperature of the atmosphere. The modern balloons we use are Latex balloons that come from the sap of rubber tree which were created by Tillotson Rubber Company. These balloons opened all the horizons for the balloon industry as now the balloon manufacturing process was not at all dangerous.

Type of Balloons

There are different types of balloons like hot air balloon, gas balloon, cluster balloon, hopper balloon, airship balloon and all these balloons are made of materials like rubber, latex and polychloroprene and nylon fabric.

Toy Balloon

These balloons are air filled or helium filled balloons used by kids to play, to decorate houses for different events and also for advertising. These balloons are made of rubber, latex and even foil.

Hot Air Balloon

This is the oldest flying machine. This functions on the principle of hot air rises and this way lifts the balloons carrying passengers. The balloon holds heated air and also has a wicker basket underneath.

Gas Balloons

These balloons are filled with gas which is lighter than air like helium or hydrogen which permits them to float in the air.

Research Balloons

These balloons are used for various scientific researches which carry different types of instruments to do meteorological, atmospheric, astronomic unmanned research.

Observation Balloon

These balloons are raised high up in the air to carry out tasks of artillery spotting or for different types of intelligence or information gathering.

Balloon Usage

Balloons serve its usefulness in very important purposes as well as for enjoyment.

Decoration or Entertainment

Balloons are used as decoration for many events like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and almost all the occasions. Balloons will completely change the look of the whole venue and add colorfulness to it. Sometimes even games are played at different events with balloons.

Flying Machines

The ever type of flying machine is hot air balloon. All these balloon flying machines functions on the principle of warm air rises and with these different types of activities are carried out. Thus these balloons as flying machines use physical principles and functions.

For Gifting Purpose

Balloons make a wonderful Gift for any occasion. They are very joyful creatures that it will bring immediate smile on your loved face. Balloon Bouquet is perfect gifts for birthdays and other joyful functions. Send birthday balloon bouquets to their place for wishing your friends and family members Happy Birthday.

Balloon Decoration

With Balloons you have create a beautiful birthday decoration with inflatable balloons and themed balloons like cakes and cartoon characters for kid’s birthday party. For 15th birthday celebration of a girl that is Quinceanera, balloons again are a best party decoration supply. You can decorate the place with pink or purple colour themed decor for the party and surprise your baby girl. For different occasions you can use different type of balloon decoration like for anniversary, marriage or Valentine’s Day make a backdrop of red heart shaped balloons to make it look romantic. You can also deck up your ceiling with hundreds of balloons and surprise your partner on their birthday. Make balloon arch or decorate the stage with balloon and make a baby out of balloons for baby shower. Get Send birthday balloon bouquets ordering balloons online to decorate for occasions like birthday and graduation party.


There are several interesting ideas to decorate with balloons, but we find these ideas the best and we also hope you liked them and use them when celebrating birthday or anniversaries of your loved ones.

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