Amazing Low Maintenance Plant Ideas for Easy Landscape Gardening in UK

Amazing Low Maintenance Plant Ideas for Easy Landscape Gardening in UK

Rights plants can really create a transformation and add value to your home. The choice of the plant depends on the availability of space, quality of soil, and also the availability of sun, shade, and water. When the Plant Ideas are chosen and proper place, it will anchor your landscape and also soften the setting. There are so many factors to consider when you are planning a garden-like how does it drain, what kind of sun and for many hours, what’s the soil like, do you want to attract pollinators, and many such more.

One can try to add so many varieties to a garden and keep it more interesting by mixing it in flowers and plants of different textures, heights, and colors. You must always go for plants that have a good chance of thriving. Also, see the ideal conditions for each and every plant so you know well about it. Thus we are here with some more than 5 amazing low maintenance plant ideas for easy landscaping gardening.

1] Flowering Bulbs

Flowering Bulbs

The blooming bulbs of spring and fall can pack a lot of color in a small space which makes it ideal for walkways, front yard flower gardens, and borders. The Dutch hyacinths that are planted in spring are suited for zones 4 to 11 and it can be planted in four-week intervals which will provide a spray of color well into the summer. The blooming bulbs of autumn like the saffron crocus are suited for zones 3 through 11 which will also give you color well into the fall. You can buy plants online UK and surprise your loved ones with thoughtful plant gifts.

2] Groundcovers


The groundcovers that bloom around the same time can be combined or can be used one right after another to create a sea of color. The dense plants will not only help in soil erosion control but it will also suppress weeds. The groundcovers which are drought tolerant need little maintenance and even less water. Similarly by blanketing steep banks and garden areas with these versatile will also help in erosion control. Make online gift delivery UK to your friends and relatives miles away from you to convey your greetings for various special occasions.

3] Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

These grasses add color, height, texture, and movement to the borders while creating a dramatic backdrop for your perennials and annuals. These ornamental grasses will offer a natural and refined look with different varieties that require minimal care. The ornamental grasses are excellent for containers and from low tufts to tall swaying stalks. The purple fountain grass and yellow pampas grass are examples for zones 8 through 11.

4] Deciduous


The deciduous trees and shrubs can be thanks for the kaleidoscope of orange, red, and golden leaves that enjoy each fall. Unlike the evergreens that retain the leaves for a long period of time, these deciduous plants shed their leaves each year before it enters the dormant period in winter. They then grow a new canopy of leaves in the spring. You can get a list of home office plants to make you more creative from our online gift site to make any space look greener and brighter.

5] Shrubs: Spiraea

Shrubs: Spiraea

Shrubs are compact and dense, they can either be evergreen like boxwood, barberry and azaleas or they can be deciduous like lilacs, spirea, and viburnum. The small stature makes the shrubs the perfect choice for foundation planting around your home. The shrubs mostly benefit from occasional trim and this will help them to keep on the shape and also promote the new growth. But for trimming you must always wait until the shrub has finished flowering for the season. They are also ideal for adding color to hedges and borders and also anchoring garden beds.

6] Houseleek


This refers to the diverse family of succulents. The color, texture, shape, size all is variable in Houseleeks. Despite their diversity, the one thing that houseleeks share in common is their ability to withstand frost, drought, wind, and any of the most challenging situations. You would have to ensure proper drainage by planting each houseleek on small mold if you do not live somewhere with gravelly or sandy soil. Get long-lasting flowering plants for home gardens from our online plant shop and create a beautiful home garden at home in the easiest way.

We hope these amazing low maintenance plant ideas are perfect for easy landscape gardening.

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