Did you even think of using hot air balloons as a theme for your party and the decorations? It might sound weird but there have been parties with the hot air balloons theme and they have been a successful hit among the people. Given below are some of the ideas which you can DIY if you are intent on planning a party with hot air balloons’ decorations.

1) Beach Ball Hot Air Balloon Decoration


Beach ball hot air balloon decoration


When it comes to hot air balloons, the sky is the limit – and quite literally at that. You can always carve up nice decorations for a hot air balloon party. You can get all crafty using some help from the internet to create some hot air balloons using a beach ball! It would actually be a fabulous idea of fashioning a centerpiece on the dessert table or dining tables in your hot air balloon party.

2) Balloon Party Favor


Balloon party favor


It is time that you think of the decorations in a cute but serious way! So, why not just create some cute little hot air balloon shaped party favors, which you can hand out to your hot air balloon themed party? You can use stamps, cardstock – the two most used material requirements – or any other material which serve as the balloon portion of the favor.

3) DIY Balloon Garland


DIY balloon garland


Flowers garland are so common – you can spice it up a bit by making a DIY Balloon Garland! This DIY is all about cutting up some beautiful shapes of hot air balloons using a die cut machine, or maybe even hand cut – tape them to twine, as you can see in the online tutorials. Hang on the hot air balloon garland right at the spruce of your party space. It is certainly a great along with being an inexpensive party decoration.

4) The 1st Birthday Boy’s Hot Air Balloon


1st birthday boy's hot air balloon


Children always like some artsy stuff, especially the one which soars around all the time. So, why not gift them this on their first birthday? Growth and skills take off, making a hot air balloon as a theme for the first birthday will then become a beautiful way of celebrating this one of the most important days in anyone’s lives. Get some inspiration from everywhere, along with making a hot air balloon cake and all other things with the theme of the balloon.

5) Balloon Cupcakes


Balloon cupcakes


No, you are not actually making cupcakes out of balloons all you are going to do is spice it up a bit! Decorate the cupcake boxes with some beautiful, printable cloud cupcake wrappers or else some hot air balloon toppers which will make the cupcakes take flight – sort of like birthday balloon delivery of cupcakes!

6) Hot air Balloon Cake


Hot air balloon cake


Not just the DIY can be made funkier with the balloons, you can even use it to decorate the cake. When it comes to a hot air balloon party, an impressive cake is a must. You can make the cake and have the same pattern and texture as compared to that of a hot air balloon. You can either make some hot air balloons decorations by yourself, or you can even have balloon delivery right at your house. The choice is yours – no matter what you like and what you don’t.

7) Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece


Hot air balloon centerpiece


Want to make your party come to life and become a clear success? Then, it is time that you think about the hot air balloon centerpieces which you can make all by yourself. There are the lot of easy tutorials which you can use to make this right at home. All you need is some regular balloons, which you can transform them into some beautiful, realistic small-scale hot air balloon centerpieces, which can be used to feature the guest of honor’s age, name or even the table number. Just make sure that you have scissors, a glue gun, some white balloons, small baskets, glass stones, marbles, tiny flowers, ribbons, wooden skewers, craft glue and felt numbers beforehand!

So, there you have it! These are some of the best and most unique party decorations which you can do with hot air balloons. It will be too much fun to watch how these decorations work out!

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