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5 Fun Ways To Use Balloons Decoration On Your Party

There are certain things that complete the decoration of a celebration. It can be celebration of anything. It can range from birthday to success party. Two of the most essentials are cakes for delicacy and balloons for decoration. Balloons carry an essence that reflects a very chilling mood. It is light and colorful, exactly the kind of mood you need to have in a party. Here are few fun ways to use balloons for any party decoration.

1) Set Up a Balloon Arch

Set up a Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is one of the most impressive ways to decorate your party hall entrance. Having a balloon arch is perfect for a wedding and birthday parties. You can have colorful sets of balloons to decorate the entrance if it matches the theme. Or you can have balloons of one color. There are certain colors that match certain ceremony. For wedding, if it a hall party, golden balloon arch will be perfect. But if you are throwing a beach party, you can have a colorful balloon arch. For kids birthdays, arch of colorful balloons will be best. The advantage of a balloon arch is if you protect it, you can reuse it again and again for other celebrations.

2) Design Balloon Bouquets

Design Balloon Bouquets

Balloon bouquets are one of the most common balloon arrangement ideas. This is very easy to create. Inflate the colorful helium balloons and add ribbons form the end of it. Make sure you tie a little weight with the ribbon to keep the bouquet at the place. The primary usage of balloon bouquet is to fill up the spaces in decoration. Besides, they are perfect for lining sideways and dividing spaces. One unique way of using balloon bouquets is to use it as table center-piece.

3) Hang Balloon Chandeliers

Hang Balloon Chandeliers

 This particular balloon design is perfect for a ballroom decoration. A chandelier is of crystal color if you follow the tradition. But you can create your own tradition too by using other colors. You can use gold or silver foil balloons for making it different from the common. Hang it from the venue ceiling and enhance the beauty of the hall. It is a cheap decoration that adds a fun fact to the ball party. You can go for any online balloon delivery site to get the perfect kit for balloon chandelier.

4) Add Balloons As Theme

Add Balloons as Theme

You can use balloons according to your themes. If you have a under-water theme for your party, you can use glowing balloons as bubbles. Or you can use light blue color balloons as water. For ball room themes, you can use white balloons as pearls. TO create a line-way, you can use a cluster of balloons. Balloons together can create clouds if you keep your theme as the nature. Foil star balloons will be perfect for your stars on the theme of starry night. Balloons are such things that we can use in any occasion and in any way. They are very useful as decorative props.

5) Have A Balloon Drop

Have a Balloon Drop

This is the best balloon decoration for prom night. But keep one thing in mind when you are thinking of arranging a balloon drop. Do not inflate the balloons with helium gas but with air. Then fill the net up with those balloons. Loose a net when all the couples are dancing. Keep the bigger net for later. When you decide the prom night couple winner, loose the bigger net on the stage. This will be a grand surprise for them and for other couples as well. This will create an amazing effect in that occasion. A balloon drop can also be a great way of celebration for someone’s success. You can make the congratulation’s party of your friend’s grads grand by using this theme with balloon.

Balloons are the sweetest thing that lightens everyone’s mood in a celebration. Above are the best ways to use balloons for party decoration.

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