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Celebration In The Time Of Greeks And Romans

Mother’s day is one long story to talk about. It was first taken place during the ancient that was hundreds of years ago. It is a special celebration in the time of Greeks and Romans.
The tradition was started in the ancient Greek actually. They celebrated their annual festival in honour of Rhea. She is the mother of many goddesses and gods according to the Greek mythology. However, in the ancient times even Romans celebrate this day during the spring festival by the name of Hillarie that was in honor of Cybele. She was the mother of the goddess, some 250 years before the Christ was born.

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Celebration in UK

Mothers day celebration in UK was started very before when the tradition saw the light of the day in US. For starting the tradition of mother’s day, the efforts of Ms. Julia Ward Howe and Ms. Anna Jarvis are very much recognized.
More than 46 countries celebrate mother’s day around the globe. However, every have as they different times to celebrate in the month of May. Whereas, in some countries it is celebrated at a different time of the year.It is not internationally been recognized and is been celebrated all over the world. On this day special thanks and care is been dedicated to all the mothers. It is a time to thank mothers for all the services and efforts they put in to groom their child and to develop mankind.

Mothers day in UK

Genesis of the Festival in US

In US it actually began with the efforts of a dynamic poetess and writer the Julia Ward Howe in the year 1872. She was a hard-core activist who further took the cause of mother’s day. Mother’s day Proclamation was written by her in the year 1870. She demanded for a public holiday on the celebration of mother’s day. Julia is honoured and credited for writing a civil war song, “battle Hymn of the republic”

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