Story of Anna Jarvis

Story of Anna Jarvis

Have you ever wondered why mother’s day is being celebrated in different parts of the world? Do you have any knowledge about the history of mothers day? Mother’s day is a special day that is dedicated to honor mothers. This special day was founded by Anna Jarvis, who had a determination to fulfill the dreams of her mother by expressing appreciation and paying her a tribute.

Anna Jarvis: Childhood

Anna Jarvis was born on 1st May, 1864 to Ann Marie and Granville Jarvis in Webster, Taylor County, West Virginia. When she was just one year old, her family decided to move to Grafton where Anna completed her schooling. She completed her higher education from the Augusta Female Academy in Staunton, Virginia and thereby opted for a teaching profession in a school in Grafton.

Anna Jarvis: Inspiration for Mothers Day

Anna Jarvis had the inspiration to celebrate the Mother’s Day when she was just 12 years old. She got this inspiration from a prayer that was told by her mother to conclude a lesson on the “Mothers of the Bible”.

Anna jarvis

Anna Jarvis: The Struggle for Mothers Day

Story of Anna Jarvis ,she had a strong determination towards honoring her mother after she died in 1905. Anna got more serious in fulfilling the dream of her mother when she found that children in the United States did not pay due respect to their parents. In the year 1907, Anna started campaigning for establishing a National Mothers Day in United States. After the second death anniversary of her mother, the people in the city of Philadelphia started celebrating mother’s day.
In order to make the campaigning stronger, Anna and her supporters started appealing for the need of national Mothers Day to the people of the United States who had extreme powers in their hands. Due to her strong determination, Anna got the support from John Wanamaker who is a renowned philanthropist and merchant of Philadelphia. Due to the effect of this campaigning 45 states, including Mexico, Hawaii and Canada started observing the Mothers Day. Every individual persons of these states wore white and red carnations to pay due respect to their mothers. In the year 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the Second Sunday of May as National Holiday to celebrate Mothers Day.

Anna Jarvis: Celebrating Mothers Day

Anna Jarvis was determined to celebrate the Mothers Day in order to commemorate the Mothers who are the home makers. It is the special day to spend some valuable time with the mother and express your love towards her.
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