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Now Blooming: Carnations

Beautiful carnations are best selling flowers on mothers day because of their striking colors and gorgeous petals. Find facts, types, symbolism, meaning, plant growing and caring tips of carnations. This blooming flower will add the sunshine to your house that nothing else can give you.

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It is a perennial flower and can brighten up your house throughout the entire year without a problem. Carnations are really sought after because of the various bright colors they are available in. The beautiful flowers with the gorgeous colors make the perfect couple making it a must have for every flower bouquet.

Fun Facts About Carnations

  • Carnations belong to the genus Dianthus and the family of Caryophyllaceae.
  • The name Dianthus came from the Greek words “Dios’ which refers to the Greek god Zeus and “Anthos” which means flower. So carnations are said to be the flowers of god.
  • The three most common carnations are border carnations, annual carnations and perpetual flowering carnations.

What Does Carnation Flower Mean

What Does Carnation Flower Mean?

They have had a rich history of symbolism and legend. They are among the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. In the present day, the number of colors carnations are available in are much more.

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What carnations mean will depend on the situations and the color symbolism of the flower. However, there are some common meanings that carnations are associated with, such as Love, Fascination and Distinction.

About Carnation Flower and Plant

About Carnation Flower and Plant

Carnations have 5 petals and the colors vary from white to pink to purple. The Border Carnations can have nearly double flowers with as many as 40 petals. The flowers grow in diameter to about 6 – 8.5 cm. Clawed and serrated petals are generally found in carnations.

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They are bisexual flowers and they bloom as a single flower or in a branched or forked cluster fashion. The leaves of the plant are narrow and have no stalks. The color of the leaves varies from green to grayish blue to purple.

Types of Carnations

Types of Carnations

The major types of carnations that cultivators usually recognize when it comes to carnations are

  • Dwarf Flowered Carnations – They have several small carnation flowers on one stem.
  • Large Flowered Carnations – These carnations have only one flower on one stem.
  • Spray Carnations (or Mini Carnations) – These carnations come in a set of many smaller flowers together.

Symbolism of the Carnation Flower

Symbolism of the Carnation Flower

Carnations symbolize different things in different cultures.

  • In the Ancient Roman Legend, the carnation flower is said to appear from the spot where Mother Mary’s tears stained the earth after the Crucifixion of Christ.
  • In the Korean culture, three carnations are put on a young girl’s hair and it is seen which flower dies first. Whichever dies first has a specific indication. Such as death of – top flower: latter years to filled with strife. middle flower: turmoil during her youth. bottom flower: challenges throughout her entire lifetime.
  • Again in the Chinese culture they are used in weddings.
  • In Japan they stand for love and are one of the most common flowers used for Mother’s Day.
  • In the Victorian era they stood for coded messages. The colors could even bear answers. Such as, a solid colored carnation meant “yes”, a yellow carnation meant “no” and a striped carnation would say “I am sorry but I cannot be with you”.
  • In USA, carnations are officially the flowers for Mother’s Day. They are said to be the best flowers for Mother’s Day.

Carnation Flower Color Meanings

Carnation Flower Color Meanings

The reason why carnations are so popular is because they are available in a variety of different colors. And each color signifies something different. Let’s take a look…

  • Pink Carnations stand for Mother’s Love.
  • Dark Red Carnations mean Deep love and a Woman’s utmost affection.
  • Light Red Carnations stand for Admiration.
  • Striped Carnations stand for Refusal or Regret.
  • White Carnations wishes Good Luck or for Pure Love.
  • Green Carnations are used for the Irish holiday – St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Yellow Carnations mean Dejection or Disappointment.
  • Purple Carnations stand for Capriciousness.

So, do check out the meaning of the colors before you gift carnations to someone.

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Interesting Facts about Carnations

There are many interesting facts about the carnations. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

  • Carnations are native to Eurasia and are said to have been used for the first time in garlands by the Romans and the Greeks.
  • Carnations last a long time and stay fresh even after they are cut.
  • The plan can reach up to a height of 31 inches.
  • The leaves of the plant are 6 inches long and slender. The color is usually grayish of blue-green and covered with a waxy substance.
  • Naturally the color of the flower is either purple or pink. However they are grown in a variety of colors created by humans, like yellow, white, red, orange and green.
  • White carnations will change the color after 24 hours if you add food coloring to the water.
  • They are also used as flavoring agents in wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Carnations are edible flowers.
  • Bogota produces the maximum number of carnations. Carnation is the national flower of Monaco, Spain and Slovenia.

Botanical Characteristics of the Carnation Flower

Botanical Characteristics of the Carnation Flower

Carnations have several botanical characteristics that help the humans in their day to day lives –

  • Carnations can be used in tea to release stress, depression, fatigue, female hormonal imbalances and insomnia.
  • The Aztec Indians had used carnations as a diuretic and also to treat chest congestion.
  • In USA, carnations are used as cut flowers or in cosmetics.
  • Carnations can also be used in massage oils to reduce wrinkles and to treat skin irritations.

Caring for Carnations

Caring for Carnations

You have to be very careful if you are growing carnations. They need a lot of care and protection. Some of the basic plant care hacks are –

  • Carnations absolutely need a few hours of the full sun every day and they need to be kept moist.
  • But the moisture should be the right amount. Over watering the plants will turn the foliage yellow.
  • The plant on the other hand should not be exposed to any kind of direct heat, even the sun.
  • The quality of the blooming flowers depend on the irrigation aspects and the soil on which the carnations are being grown.
  • When you are plucking the carnations, remember to remove the stem and leave at least 3 to 4 nodes at the base.
  • Spent flowers are to be removed if you want to promote continued blooming of flowers.
  • The importance of pinching, dis budding and stopping should be known to the cultivator.

Carnations are Best For Mothers Day

Carnations are Best For Mothers Day

Anna Jarvis was the first person to introduce carnations as the symbol for Mother’s Day. She delivered 500 white carnations to the St. Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church. This church in Grafton, West Virginia was where her mother had taught the Sunday school for over twenty years. Her mother’s favorite flower was carnation and so Anna requested so that every mom in the congregation received one. This began the tradition of carnations and Mother’s Day.

They are the perfect flowers for your mom. You can easily get online flowers delivery for carnations. It doesn’t always have to be just Mother’s Day. If you mother likes carnations then get them for her birthday too.

Order birthday flowers online or simply gift her a bouquet of carnations to commemorate your love for her. A mother deserves appreciation every single day of the year, not just a few particular days. So, make every day special for her. Show her how much she means to you. Tell her how you cherish every moment you spent with her.

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