Women of all backgrounds and situations ought to be celebrated on Mother’s Day – Here are 11 creative and unique ways.

Mother Teresa ——- ‘It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.’

This statement both beautiful and liberating. It’s always a balance between hard work and magical moments. It’s always a balance between hard work and magical moments.

For women, Mother’s Day evokes a range of emotions. Some enjoy it, some are uncomfortable with it. The last part is due to reason that some women might not have children of their own.

We have to remember that mother’s come in various forms and shapes. They might be out teachers, stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors, or even, our nannies who used to take care of us when we were young. They deserve a salute to all the hard work they have done and what they give up for their children.

However, it sets a higher standard for Mother’s Day celebration. Order delicious chocolates for mother’s day or buying her something from the mall, reflects the personal touch of giving.

So, for this Mother’s Day (May 10th), here are some gift ideas with a personal touch to them –

1. Make a Homemade Craft –

Make a Homemade CraftCreating something with your own hands is much more personal than just buying something.

Make a chocolate bouquet using chocolates, a vase, some bamboo skewers, tape, and cardstock.

Create a customized flower pot by using her favorite family photos, and/or floral prints. You can even build a lovely necklace out of beads. You can even make a bracelet of beads which will have a special message on it.

Provide a personal touch to the gift that you will give your mother on Mother’s Day.

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2. Go to a Hike and Have a Picnic –

Go to a Hike and Have a PicnicIf your mother has an adventurous side to her, then take her out hiking. When you guys stop for a break, surprise her with a picnic that you have secretly organized.

First, pack her favorite dishes. Now, if you don’t like cooking, then take up a few prepared dishes from a restaurant. Make sure you properly seal up all the containers or the food might spill over when you are hiking.

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3. Recreate Old Family Photos –

Recreate Old Family Photos This is one of the fun things that you can do for Mother’s Day.

There might be tons of pictures of you and your siblings when you were kids.

Now, you can recreate those moments as an adult. Get together with all of your siblings, and bring back the memories of all those embarrassing and fun moments.

Create a calendar of sorts by accompanying each month with a goofy childhood picture of you and your siblings.

4. Video Tribute –

Video Tribute

Call your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who have known your mother for a long time.

Then, get an interview from each of them and record it on camera. Tell them to share all the memories they have of your mom, about her best qualities, favorite moment with her, and reasons why she is a great mother.

Combine the clips together into one big video card and present it to her on mother’s day.

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5. Send a Card to your ‘Other’ Mothers –

Send a Card to your ‘Other’ MothersIt takes more than just your birth mother to raise you. So, keeping that in mind, how many women give shape to your life?

Mothers are present in our life in many forms – grandmother, favorite aunt, a friend’s mother, or even your caretaker from when you were a kid. There is a chance that you tell these women things that you don’t even tell your mother.

Send a card to all the women who have given your life the shape and foundation that it has today. let them know, their love means a lot to you. if you wish to send flowers then our online mother’s day flowers delivery service is best.

6. Generations Unite –

Generations UniteInvite all your grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even your mom’s friend together on Mother’s Day. Then, have a party with them.

If the weather is in your favor, then you can organize a barbecue outside in honor of your mother.

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7. Do Something a Little Wild –

Do Something a Little Wild This time think some different and wild. Quiz the motherly women in your life regarding what they want to do for adventure and find a common ground between them.

Take them together to do that uncommon, adventurous and wild thing they would like to do and make it a Mother’s Day, they will never forget.

8. Honor Mothers who have passed on –

Honor Mothers who have passed onIt might be a bittersweet feeling for you on Mother’s Day if your mother might have recently passed away, or might have passed away a few years back.

If you know others who share the same feeling, host a special event on Mother’s Day.

Give honor to powerful women who are no longer with you, and share the grief that you still feel her absence.

9. Give Mom the Day Off –

Give Mom the Day OffThis might be best gift you can give her on Mother’s Day.

Encourage every member of the household to pitch in and let your mom have the day off since they deserve it. Prepare dinner for her – the items can be food she likes – and serve her.

If you can’t give her the day off, help her around the house with the household chores or some pending projects she needs to finish up. Your mom will surely appreciate this.

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10. Take her to a Spa –

Take her to a SpaMother’s Day might not be quite as relaxing if there are little ones present in household.

Spa is known to be a good technique for relaxation and relieve pent up fatigue. So, book a day at the nearest spa resort and give her relaxation.

11. Do Gardening Together –

Do Gardening TogetherIf your mother loves gardening, then it will be a great idea to help her around the garden.

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Buy some evergreen plants from your local florist and decorate garden by planting. Plant them on window boxes around the house with her.

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12. Make it Meaningful –

Find what your mother is passionate about. Fulfill her dream or passion by any means, though your indirect or direct help.

It might be any cause like –

  1. Donations to the food bank,
  2. Books for needy kids,
  3. Feed animals at an animal shelter and More…

So, these are some special ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with a caring woman in your life – your mother. Don’t forget to bring some best gift baskets for mom on this day, to make it even more special.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

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