Chocolate Festivals

Chocolate is heartily celebrated in every part of the world. Everybody from kids to adults loves chocolates. Everyone appreciates its wonderful flavor and creamy texture. Generally, all the chocolates are not the same, they come in endless varieties. Chocolates topped with sprinkles, nuts, raisins, and many more such things. If you are a chocolate lover and love to taste chocolates from different parts of the world. You must consider visiting various chocolate festivals occurring in different countries. They have plenty of good stuff all that is chocolate related so it will also satisfy one’s chocolate cravings. So if you are also a sweet-toothed traveler you should surely attend these chocolate festivals. These are some of the best festivals that people enjoy. And they will also love tasting the chocolates made from different parts of the world.

  1. Eurochocolate


This event takes place in Perugia in central Italy. It is an annual ten-day-long chocolate extravaganza. This will elevate your senses and also increase your understanding of chocolate production and its tasting techniques. This festival has a laid-back vibe with life-size chocolate sculptures. It also includes live music that adds to the overall atmosphere of the event. This is the largest and the most famous chocolate festival in Italy as they host many such chocolate festivals. You can order chocolates in Italy from our online chocolate store.

  1. Chocoa Festival

Chocoa Festival

Europeans are bound to dominate this list because it is chocolate we are talking about. The Chocoa festival takes place every year in Netherlands and Amsterdam. This festival is much similar to Eurochocolate. This festival will broaden your knowledge of chocolate. You will also have unique opportunities to learn the ins and outs of cocoa production, trade, and sourcing. Get chocolate gift basket ideas and choose according to the choices of the recipient to surprise them.

  1. Salon Du Chocolat

Salon Du Chocolat

This is the final European festival that happens in Paris and it combines chocolate with art and fashion. It will astonish you with its incredibly creative outfits created by the world’s famous designers using chocolate. You will have the chance to try out some of the tastiest products around. Along with you can enjoy a show of models dressed up in chocolate-inspired costumes. Send Candy Bouquets to USA to your friends and relatives living miles away from you.

  1. Cioccolato


This festival happens in Turin in November. Turin is the birthplace of Nutella that was created by Pietro Ferrero in mid 20th century. This festival started in the year 2004. This festival is a combination of the Italian word for chocolate i.e. cioccolato and the Italian name of Turin that is Torino. The chocolatiers offer free samples and wares for purchase along with chocolate workshops and contests.

  1. Chocolate Expo

Chocolate Expo

This festival is the largest chocolate festival in USA. It takes place in March and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. This festival is not only about chocolate tasting and sales. It also has baked goods, wines, cheeses, ciders, and diverse entertainment. More than 60 local and regional vendors take part in this chocolate festival every year. And the event takes place in several locations in the New York metro region. The primary location is the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. The first event started in the year 2006 and it became successful ever since it has become America’s largest chocolate festival.

  1. ChocolART


This is also an annual chocolate festival that happens in a little German town called Tubingen around Christmas. This festival takes place for five days every December. You will not only get the chance to taste Germany’s finest chocolates but you will able to attend chocolate and praline-making classes. This way you will be able to impress your friends and family back home with a new set of skills and also add to your appreciation of this wonderful food. You can get creative chocolate activities online to engage yourselves with some recreation and fun.

  1. Choco-late


This Choco-late festival is held at Belfort Museum in the city of Bruges in Belgium. This festival is held over the span of 4 days and this festival is for celebrating chocolatiers. You will get to see chocolate statues and many such creations. This will eventually broaden your knowledge about the history of chocolate. You can also enjoy some free samples from here and there.

We hope now you are aware of all the different chocolate festivals that happen around the world. Hence plan your trip and enjoy the best chocolate treats from across the world.

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