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Proposing on Valentine’s Day? Here are 15 Romantic ways to do it

Planning on giving your partner something even sweeter than deliver chocolates for Valentine’s Day? If you are willing to pop a question “will you marry me” on Valentines Day and still you have a doubt how to ask it, here is the solution. Make this valentine a special by proposing her in the different way.

Creative Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Read on to discover a our 15 favorite proposal ideas, that might provide a little inspiration if you’re on the verge of popping one of life’s biggest questions…We guarantee you that your girl of dream will definitely say “yes” in reward.

1. Rewind Memories

Rewind the sweet memories of love by going to the place where you meet your girlfriend first time. Or else you can choose the place where you both spend most of the time with each other. Go at the beach area and write I love you words in the sand. Your wish fulfilled. You can pop a question and it will not wait you long for hearing “yes” from her side.

2. Movie Style Proposal

This is a unique idea to propose your girlfriend. You can make a video and pop a question of your proposal and take it in a theater. Book the home theater, order her favorite snacks. You can also invite your close friends for this kind of proposal idea. Play that video during the interval time and pop your question. If she accepts your proposal, knee down and wears her engagement ring.

3. Spell Out the Words

It is a simple yet beautiful idea to propose your valentine. Without a doubt, this is an exceptional way to question her. Invite her to the romantic candlelight dinner, order her favorite food and wine. Spell out the question with rose petals on a bed or any specific area. If you can’t speak in front of her, this type of idea will work much better.

4. Take a Local Trip

What other things can make her day beautiful than going outdoors and spending beautiful time with her? Take her to the local icons trip. Spend the beautiful time with your charming girlfriend. Ask your question by “will you marry me” by placing candles or making special light effects. Delight a lamp of love in her heart with such a romantic trip.

5. Make it Adventurous

Scavenger hunt game is the right choice to make your proposing day even more excited and full of thrill. Try to find the ring for the limited period of time. And once you get it, down on one knee with a ring and propose your girlfriend.

6. Try to Go at Romantic Place

There are lots of romantic hubs like Eiffel tower and sunset points to set the romantic journey on Valentine. Go abroad city to refresh your loved one’s day. You can ask the tourism department to choose some romantic location in your budget. Go to abroad trip and propose your dear one at the extreme romantic place to make your proposal day an unforgettable day. Send Valentine heart balloons to make the day more romantic.

7. Fly Your Message in the Sky

This is something extraordinary and creative way of proposing your valentine. There are many organizers who help you in making it possible. It is possible only when the weather and location suits to it. Take her to the hidden place and tell her to look upside, when your question is flying in the sky. She will start jumping on the floor once she will receive your proposal in a unique way. She is definitely not going to deny your proposal.

8. Radio Proposal

If you want to announce your proposal officially in the crowd than radio proposal is the best option. Visit or call the local radio station. What is her favorite song? Play it on radio and propose her after the song finish. After the proposal tell the RJ to call her and hear “yes” answer in radio waves. Your enthusiasm will encourage her to say “yes” once you announce your love in public without any hesitation.

9. Banner Proposal

If you are little bit worried about she will accept your proposal or not, definitely you can go for this idea. Just write your message on the banner and stand with that banner outside of her house. You can also fly your banner on the sky with heart shaped flying balloons. Don’t write her name, just write the endearment you always used to call her. We assure you this idea will work. It is damn sure that she is not going to reject your proposal.

10. Pet Proposals

Pets can be the best substitute for revealing your inner thoughts. What is her favorite pet, buy it and gift it to her. Hang a sweet proposal banner with a ring in pet’s collar. This is one cute idea for following your “Merry Me” proposal to your dear one.

11. Merry Me Cup Proposal

It is a casual but very romantic thing to do in the morning. Use sharpie and write your proposal in the cup. She will see your proposal before going to pour tea or coffee in the cup. Or wait until she finishes the coffee and see the Merry Me proposal in the bottom of the cup. Find out 9 Reasons to Deliver Valentine Day Gifts Early and read how it saves your money and time.

12. Proposal Collage

Since long time you are in relation and now want to tie in the marriage bond, you can use this idea. Choose the selective photos of journey you spend with each other. Spell out or create “will you marry me?” image on photos. Now represent it to your girl friend. She will not deny your proposal once you spell out your emotion in the thoughtful way.

13. Photo Booth Proposal

Here is an impressive proposal idea. Take her to the photo booth. You can also visit any of her favorite arcade or mall. Now time starts, propose your girlfriend. Now capture that expression in your camera. You can call the expert photographer to take a snap. Or else you can get the digital camera with you to shoot the momentous expressions.

14. Flower Proposal

What else than a flower can display your emotion better? Buy a 50 or 100 red roses bunch for your loved one. Now place the ring exactly at the center. Now give it your darling and say “will you marry me”? It is the best way to execute your proposal. Heart shaped bouquet is also a good choice to beat her heart. Now singing card is also available to sing your proposal. You can gift this singing card with rose bouquet to get a big surprise to her on this romantic day. Hurry up and order valentine day flowers before time run away.

15. Place Where You Met First Time

Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Recreate the same moment and then propose to her. It will definitely move her and get embossed on her memory for lifetime. Its one of the romantic ways to propose.

There are so many romantic trips and tricks to enjoy the Valentine proposal day. We write the selected ideas that are low in budget and help you in identifying your proposal. Girls are always looking for the smart and convinced way to accept the proposal. Guys must try these ideas. e shy and they do not execute the emotion in public. These romantic ideas are fare to express the emotions in the unique way. Make this valentine day a less ordinary day for your Valentine. Try these ideas to steal her heart on valentine day.

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