5 Simple Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday and Anniversary

Whenever we think of any celebration all that comes in our mind are balloons, food, fun and friends. But the first thing that comes to our mind is always balloons. Because balloons make the best party supplies they are affordable, available in so many different varieties and it can fill the empty room in no time. Balloons can never go out of fashion and are apt for any celebration then may it be birthdays or anniversaries. The only thing we need to keep in mind while decorating with balloons is be creative.

1) Decorate your Walls with Different Balloons

Decorate your Walls with Different Balloons

Keep in mind the theme of the birthday party and according to that choose the colour scheme for balloons. You have to inflate so many balloons and then fix it with the glue and stick in on the wall. You can go for different patterns or go for two shade balloons or even multicolour. The balloon wall would be the main attraction of the venue. In case of Anniversary you can do the same thing with red heart shaped balloons. And get wonderful pictures with that background.

2) Balloon Chandelier with Photo Frames

Balloon Chandelier with Photo Frames

With the help of balloons makes chandelier kind of thing by arranging balloons in a circular manner. You can also overlap the first line of balloons with second, to give it look similar to chandelier. Now at the knot of the balloons tie the swirled ribbons and on the other end of the ribbon paste the birthday girl’s/boy’s photographs. In case of Anniversary paste your couple pictures. This whole arrangement when glued on the ceiling will look exactly like a chandelier and give charismatic look to the room. This arrangement will look so pretty and you would not be ready to remove it even after the birthday ends.

3) Party Venue Decorate with Heart Shaped Balloons

Party Venue Decorate with Heart Shaped Balloons

If you are hosting your friend’s anniversary party make the most of this opportunity and decorate the venue with fine heart shaped balloons. You can create a backdrop of heart balloons on the main wall of the venue. The balloons can also be printed with single alphabets and forming something like “35th Anniversary” or “Sam loves Nancy” and be creative with it. Along with the heart shaped balloons you can also use regular balloons and decorate other areas of the place. You can also arrange for wedding anniversary gifts online and surprise your best friend with it. This surprise would make your relationship even stronger because efforts are attractive than any monetary value of gifts.

4) Romantic Room Decoration

Romantic Room Decoration

If you are planning to surprise your friend on her birthday this is one of the best ideas. Along with it you can also propose her if you have feelings for her. This same arrangement can also be done to surprise your better half on your anniversary. You can write wishes with rose petals on the bed. Decorate the room with red balloons. You can decorate the bed with cake, wine and gifts. You can light candles in the room to make it romantic. And also give her a bouquet of red roses.

5) Balloons Tied to Return Gifts for Birthday Party

Balloons Tied to Return Gifts for Birthday Party

May it be anyone’s birthday the most excited lot is always the kids. Anyone’s birthday it will be but they will always think it is their birthday. And so if you have kids amongst your guests you have to give them return gifts. You can tie the gift hampers with balloons to give it nice attractive look. You can keep it on the table at the corner as it will give decorative look to the room. The kids will get excited about the gifts as soon as they will enter the room. You can make balloon delivery at all your guest’s place as an invitation with details of the birthday party printed on the balloon.

There are several interesting ideas to decorate with balloons, but we find these ideas the best and we also hope you liked them and use them when celebrating birthday or anniversaries of your loved ones.

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