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Easy Tips and Things to Use for Fresh Flowers Lasting Longer

Things to Use for Fresh Flowers Lasting Longer

Fresh flowers add a special element into homes, in the party, and in various occasions. It said that decoration looks incomplete if there is no appeal of fresh flowers in it. We all love to see flowers blooming. But the sad fact is it dies easily. But somehow you can maintain the longevity of flowers by using these tips. Our article is made for flower lovers to order flowers online. We have followed some beautiful guidelines on how to make fresh flowers last longer. You can keep those flowers blooming for a certain period of time with easy household tips. Let’s find it out how.

1] Water Wisely

Water Wisely

Once the flowers stems are cut it is necessary to give them a dose of a proper water. Proper watering can help you increase the shelf life of the flower. Before taking it into the vase cleans your vase properly. Keep it in sunlight for some time to make it a complete hygienic vase. Now fill half of the vase with water. Now dilute the flower food in it. Mix it properly as shown in the packet. Now deep those flowers stem in it. See to it that leaves are not connecting with water. Cut those extra leaves from it. Change water after two or three days. Again repeat the same process; you can easily stock up the freshness in a room using this simple trick.

2] Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can burn the flower petals. Flowers petals are very delicate and when they are not connecting with soil they lose their freshness easily. A harsh ray of sunlight can damage the petals easily. So be careful and put flower vase away from direct sunlight. Also, keep in mind don’t put it beside any electronic gadget or any window side or cooling vents. Flowers can easily lose its moisture. Also, don’t put it beside any vegetable or ripen fruit. They release one kind of gas that leads to the death of flowers.Apart from this also do some research on cut flowers that last a long time for a planting a best flowers in your home garden.

3] Prune


Pruning is the most important part of decorating home with flowers. First of all, remove all the greens from the bouquet. Now take a scissor and cut the below stem at an angle. Don’t cut it too much just a little part of it. Also, remove the bottom line leaves. The leaves can create a fungus in water. Also, see to it that flowers have some dead petals. Cut it from the hygienic scissor to avoid spreading bacteria around. Rewind the same process to make your flowers green and fresh for a long time.

4] Clear Soda

Clear Soda

Soda has some acidic reactions that help flowers to keep blooming for a longer period of time. The carbon and sugar inside nourishes the stems and also help in removing the bacteria from water. Take ¼ cup of soda and pour it into the flower vase. And if you want to show effect, deep the petals of the flower in a glass vase and then directly add sprite or clear soda in it. You should add three-part of water and one part of the soda. Don’t overdo it, just add ¼ cup of soda. This trick mostly use by florist to make their nursery full of greenery. Also you  should conduct investigations into how do florists keep flowers fresh and implement same for keeping your flowers last longer.

5] Sugar


When flowers are attaché with soil they absorb one kind of sugar that helps the flower to grow. It balances the flowers natural spirit and helps in encouraging flower buds. Once the flowers are cut they lose that balancing ratio. You can maintain the same ratio by adding some sugar into the water. Sugar in the water helps to give some food supplements and nutrients to stems. Whenever you change water add one spoon of sugar into the water.

6] Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

We all know the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. It helps in detoxing the body. The same way it reacts with flowers. It acts as an anti-bacterial agent. It assists the water to avoid connection with bacteria. Apple cider vinegar has an acidic reaction that helps in maintaining the longevity of flowers. If you wish you can add two tbsp of sugar in two tbsp sugar water. Sugar will give food whole apple cider vinegar will kill the bacteria occurs within the water.


7] Coins


It acts like magic. A single copper penny can help you in encouraging the flower buds and also help in stopping the release of fungus in water. Copper coins releases kind of chemical that helps in killing the bacteria occurs within the water.

8] Vodka


Vodka is a good treatment for the flowers to keep blooming for a longer period of time. Add a few drops of Vodka in the flower vase and then leave it. You will see its magic for two days. It inhibits ethylene release in the water that helps to ripen the flowers buds earlier. Also, it helps in slowing the process of wilting of flowers.  You are still wandering the gift for the wine lover in your life; online wine delivery is an ultimate solution for you.

We receive so many fresh flowers as a gift in everyday life. You can use those flowers in home décor. We have uncovered some beautiful tips on how to keep fresh cut flowers alive longer. You can follow any of it. But do not forget to change the water every two days. Changing water is a necessary part of blooming flowers for a long time. Also, don’t let those flowers keep beside electric gadgets. Radiation may cause wilting flowers easily.


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