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7 Most Popular Approach for Drying Natural Flower

Some flower bouquets are priceless and you want to keep them with you always. As we all know flowers life shelf is too short. But still, you can preserve the beauty and sentimental value of buy flower online by drying flowers. Dry flowers also called as a poroputti in India. It is a traditional method where flowers are press and then use for bloom the room or use it for decoration purpose.

Here we will communicate some dehydration techniques for drying of flowers.

1] Pressing

It is a very traditional method used to get dry flowers without any effort. You need two heavy pages book or some heavy material to press the thin petal flowers. Mostly valentine lovers use this process to preserve the single rose flower. What you need to do is to have one butter paper and cover the flower with it. Now open the middle part of the book and then close the book. Put some weight on the book so the flower can press. You can also use newspaper in place of butter paper. Keep it pressed for 10 days to get a good result and if you have still doubt about this then do some inquire on internet for how to dry and press flowers and just follow that ideas.

2] Microwave

If you want a quick result, here comes another trick. It is a good idea for beginners. Here you need sand and one microwaveable bowl. Take your flower first and cover that flower with the sand inside the bowl. Now place it in the oven for around 2 minutes. Now take it out from the oven. Let the sand get cool. Now see sand has absorbed all the moisture of flower petals and your dry flower dream come true in few seconds.

3] Silica Gel

You want to learn some other process here the third trick comes. You can use silica get to conserve a memorable flower in the container. Silica gel is accessible in the supermarket. Now let’s show you the process. Brush or cover the flowers with silica gel. Now put those flowers in an airtight container for around ten days. After ten days you will see the flowers get dried and they are ready to use.

4] Drying Flowers in a Vase

It is the easiest way to preserve your flowers. Long-stemmed flowers like Hydrangeas and Baby’s breath are fits in the process. You need a tall vase of glass or ceramic. Keep some little amount of water into the bottom area. Now place those flower stalks into this and forget it. You need not water it again. They will start wilting after some period of time and you will get dried flowers effortlessly.

5] Air Drying

If you are too lazy to follow any process here comes the seamless process. You have got a large bunch of long-stemmed flower bouquet. So don’t throw it and use the dry flower arrangement technique to preserve their beauty. First of all, remove them from water, make a bunch and tie it with rubber. You need sunlight area but see to it that direct sunlight doesn’t strike there. Now hang those bunches from upside down. The process will take some time but you need not look it afterward. Once they get completely dried use it for a different purpose.

6] Preserve it with Hairspray

Well, you have no time to follow lengthy recipes let us show you the simplest method. You might have hair spray at home. Effortlessly give a shower of hair spray on those flowers. See to it that petals mouth is open. Now leave them for some time. Your flowers will get start drying immediately. Keep it open allowing the air to lose the moisture from petals. You can repeat the same process again if you don’t find a good result. Hair spray gives a nice shine to petals after drying.

But if you are still convinced with fresh flowers, gift delivery online is the best substitute to deliver freshest flowers on heartiest one’s premise.

Here are the different types of methods for drying fresh flowers. Dried flowers are best used in decoration purpose to make beautiful garlands to also to bloom the room. Many use the dried flower petals in making essential oils and soaps. You can learn to make such a recipe using the internet. So use flowers in the most possible way instead of throwing them in the trash.

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