Birthday Plants Delivery in Lebanon

Send Birthday Plants to Lebanon: Indoor plants are a gift for the nature lover friend on his birthday. Plants can make a memory. Glow your love as plants by gifting birthday plants online. A gift that is long-lasting and helps to improve health by purifying the air. Buy birthday plants online that can save time and find more variety on giftblooms.
Peaceful Mind

$51.75 $49.16


$96.31 $91.50

Double Stem Orchid

$99.19 $94.23

Spring in Bloom

$96.31 $91.50

Majestic Orchids

$257.31 $244.45

Ceylon Creeper

$20.70 $19.67

Purple Orchids

$97.75 $92.86

Baby Rubber Plant

$34.50 $32.78

Lace Fern

$34.50 $32.78

Bamboo Orchid

$99.19 $94.23

Smiley Snaily

$64.69 $61.45

Mini Flamingo

$90.56 $86.03

Money Plant

$66.13 $62.82

Olea Tree

$89.13 $84.67

I Am Vanda

$222.81 $211.67

Flamingo Red

$89.13 $84.67

Mini Peace Lily

$34.50 $32.78

Golden Cane

$238.63 $226.69

Spider Plant

$27.60 $26.22

Exotic Beauty

$93.44 $88.77

Bring Me Peace

$107.81 $102.42

Zee Zee Plant

$51.75 $49.16

Dwarf Umbrella

$158.13 $150.22

Long Legged

$301.88 $286.78

Ficus Bambino

$40.25 $38.24

Roses for Mom

$49.45 $46.98

From All Y'Orchids

$294.69 $279.95

Red Lips

$93.44 $88.77

Spineless Yucca

$284.63 $270.39

Nature Lovers

$93.44 $88.77

Bamboo Palm

$323.44 $307.27

Dark Star

$40.25 $38.24

Lovely Puffs

$96.31 $91.50

Rose Grape

$58.94 $55.99

Majestic Orchid

$61.81 $58.72

Yours Always

$80.50 $76.48

The Sweetheart

$52.90 $50.26

Morning Coffee

$28.75 $27.31

Green Zee

$181.13 $172.07

Joyful Medallion

$107.81 $102.42

Soft Love

$96.31 $91.50


$25.30 $24.04

Loving & Caring

$179.69 $170.70

English Ivy

$48.30 $45.89

Boston Fern

$34.50 $32.78

Flamenco Skirt

$424.06 $402.86

Wish For A Good Future And Best Time With Birthday Plants For Lebanon

If you are looking for a thoughtful birthday present then plant is most certainly the right pick. Also, we provide an impressive amount of lush greenery so you can pick whatever you feel best for your dear one. We offer plants like Roses to Bonsais and other blooming plants and seasonal flowering plants to bamboo plants. Order birthday plants online Lebanon from our store and greet your near and dear ones for their special day.

Giftblooms being an online gift portal, we offer a variety of gifts for special occasions. Thus you can also order cake online from our cake shop and delight the birthday person with a combo of plants and cake. Anyone’s birthday would become very special with this type of birthday surprise. We also have a wide range of gift baskets with different themes. Like wine gift basket, chocolate gift basket, gourmet food gift basket, and many more. Thus order gift baskets from our store and treat your friends or relatives with these versatile gifts.

Make The Birthday Full Of Memories By Online Gifts Delivery Lebanon

Birthday comes just once in a year and it should be celebrated with so pomp and cheer. People love to enjoy this day with their friends and family and they also expect gifts from their loved ones. So if you cannot personally visit your dear one on their special day, make a birthday gift delivery Lebanon to them. They may be living miles away from you so wish them a very happy birthday with amazing gifts. No matter what the age of a birthday person is, they will love to receive amazing gifts from their loved ones.

Birthdays are fun so make them memorable for your dear ones by treating them with exciting gifts. You can make them feel extra special by pairing different birthday gifts with blooms. Thus, make flower delivery Lebanon to them and convey your heartiest wishes with a lovely combo. Different flowers are associated with different feelings and emotions. So you can convey your heartfelt feelings to your friends or relatives by greeting them with blooms of their choice.

International Plants Delivery

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