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15 Best Valentine’s Day Alternatives To Fresh Cut Flowers

The Valentine’s Day dilemma – What should I get that special someone? In short, you need to do something on V-day. It doesn’t matter if she says that she is not expecting a lot. She might say that you should not make a big deal about this day. Don’t believe her. She is absolutely expecting you to step up and surprise her. She wants to know how much you love her.

While valentines flower delivery are the traditional way of expressing love, this year you can try  alternative routes to make your girl happy.

Reason for Not Sending Flowers … Why Alternate Gifts

A research says nearly half of the women who receive flowers on Valentine’s Day feel disappointed. 50% of the women say that fresh cut flowers do not last long enough. Women want something that is everlasting or at least lasts for a long time.


They are the best gift even if your girl is on a diet. It is not the eating part that is important. The smell and the warmth that comes from the very concept of chocolates make it such an amazing present. Get her a box of gourmet chocolates on V-Day. Go for dark chocolates if you are concerned about her diet. There is something for everyone. So go ahead and send Valentine’s Day Chocolates to your beloved.

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

The bright pink petals of the Phalaenopsis Orchid in a pot will instantly add the hue you wanted in your home or office. The flowers are described as the flutter of swallowtail butterflies. They last for about 3 months before fading away. The best part is that even if they fade away, cut the flowering stalk back and wait for the arrival of new flowers.

Heat changing love mug

Something shaped like a heart! Valentine’s Day cliche but it definitely works. You can use a heart shaped mug to deliver a special message of love in the shape of hearts. When she pours hot tea or coffee in the mug, the heat will result in the appearance of the words of praise and love. It can be an amazing present for new couples as well as older couples.

Fry Love You

She loves to be pampered! Yes? Then make her a beautiful breakfast in bed. Make her start her morning like the princess she always wanted to be. What says ‘I Love You’ better than toast and eggs? Get our ‘LOVE’ frying stencil and write the little message using eggs. This will definitely show her how much you care about her.

50 Shades of Grey – A Book

It is Valentine’s Day and gifting a book can be perfect if the hint of love and passion is embedded in the story. So, why not go with a slightly sexy and bold plotline. 50 Shades of Grey will be the perfect read and gift for this occasion.

Love Cards

They may be cheesy, but they still make an impression inside the heart of the person you love. Those beautiful messages can melt her heart. The best part is that it lasts for long enough. There are many beautiful cards available in the market. You can go for them or make one yourself.

A hamper full of Love sweets

Who wouldn’t love a hamper of delicious goodness on Valentine’s Day? So, you can simply close your eyes and opt for Gift hampers delivery for Valentine Day. She will love the heart shaped sweets in the beautiful hamper and your surprise will pay off. So, make her day special with some extra special sweets.


What lasts the longest? Memories! Then that is what you should present her with. You must have captured all the amazing moments you have spent with each other in photos. Use those photos to make a beautiful collage. Frame the entire thing and your perfect gift is ready. It is sweet, personal and a very thoughtful present.


Women love jewelry. Especially stones. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, etc. If your budget is on the higher end then jewelry is your best option. Beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, all are at your disposal. Even rings. They are everlasting and the perfect way of saying that she matters a lot in your life. But make sure you know about her choice before selecting the gift.

A Pet from The ISPCA

Some women are animal lovers. For them the perfect gift would probably be to adopt a furry little friend. So guys get your girlfriend a pet from ISPCA. They have a wide range of animals for you to choose from. Adopting a pet together will also help your relationship to become closer and more intimate.

Bottle of Perfume

Fresh flowers do not last long enough, but fragrances do. What if you could put the bouquet in a bottle? Well, you can. If you know which floral fragrance she likes the most then you can get her a bottle of her favorite fragrance. It will last long, smell amazing and will be a best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Stuffed Animals

Not just kids, even grownups like stuffed animals. The warm, soft and cuddly things that you can keep with. There is a wide range of stuffed animals available in the market that you can choose from. It is important to note that you must go for the perfect one. It is because this can either be the most amazing present or a disaster.

Baked goodness

It is always more personal and close to your heart if the gift is handmade. So, why don’t you try your hand at baking for your lady love? Bake her a cake or personalized cookies that will melt her heart right away. More than the present, your effort will bring you closer to her on an emotional level.

A bottle of their favorite wine

Wine! A classy gift for anyone who loves it. If her favorite bottle of wine is something you can afford, then this would be a very nice gift for V-Day. It will add to her collection if she has one or you two can share it together to have the perfect evening.

Bonsai plant

If she has a knack for gardening or decorating the house with plants than Bonsai plants are perfect gifts. She would love the gesture and you will have your perfect V-Day.

Write them a poem

If you are the romantic guy and your hand in literature is good. Why not compose a poem for her? A poem only for her. Think how special it will make her feel?

Something More:

Run a charity race together

Many organizations host races on Valentine’s Day and donate the money collected to a specific cause or foundation. For example, the Cupid’s Undie Run that donates to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Such events take place in cities around the world. So take your beloved with you and make a day of it.

Donate to V-Day

V-Day is an organization that looks forward to empowering women. They support millions of women by educating them and making them aware of the various problems women go through every day. The issues of violence against girls and women are talking about. The organization believes that education is the path to freedom.

Support Shelter Animals

On the 14th of February you can support shelter animals by buying pet baskets and sending them to shelter foundations. This would be a selfless gesture to make those furry animals happy who had to go to shelters because they didn’t have anyone to adopt them.

It is almost customary to gift your lady something nice and beautiful on Valentine’s Day. However, More than just the present you need to focus on the fact that whether or not that reflects her character. A thoughtful gift is always a thousand times more important than an expensive gift. You can deliver the true message that is in your heart by using a simple gift. While fresh flowers deliver your feelings across, maybe this year try something new for the girl you love.

If you are single, Don’t worry. We have everything for everyone. Read our guide on 11 best things to do on valentine’s day for singles.

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