6 Birthday Celebration Ideas for your Granny

Sometimes our grandparents feel left out from the family because we celebrate birthdays and other occasions in quite modern ways which they do not really enjoy. Also your grandparents in their life time wouldn’t have cut the cake on their birthday. So there are many ways and celebration ideas through which you can make your grandparents feel special. We have seen our grandparents work so hard for us and our parents to live the life we are living today. So leave no stone turned to make their birthdays special and most celebratory. Thus we are here with few birthday celebration ideas for your grandmother.

Throw a Party

This is the best way to make her feel special and make her feel like the center of attention. Definitely throwing a party will require some advanced planning and creativity. You can invite her friends and some family members whom she loves and also arranged transportation for them. Take care about their food needs because elderly people may have some dietary restrictions. You can also have all your granny’s favorite dishes in the menu and also dress her up for her birthday. And not to forget an extravagant cake for her birthday. Make birthday cake delivery to your friends and relatives on your their birthday and wish them a very happy birthday through delicious cake.

Pamper Perfect for her

Let your granny feel the glam on her birthday. Take her to the salon and get her a makeover, get a haircut, shop new clothes for her, get her mani and pedi and so many other things he would love to try. You can also book her appointment for the spa session where she can feel relaxed and get a full service spa and a hot massage or the sea float would be a nice treat for her. After this you can also take her to her favorite restaurant and order her favorite dishes so that she can enjoy her day to the fullest.

Special Tea Time

Our grandparents love having tea every morning, so what you can do is take them out somewhere and treat her with something different. You can take her to some chic and pretty cafes where they serve tea with gourmet breakfast like butter croissant and a gourmet piece of cake. You can get her some rainbow cake which our grandmother couldn’t resist or take her to the place where they serve deep fried Oreos and give her this new experience of delights taken with the tea.

Make a Photo Album

You surely would have so many pictures of your granny in your hard drive so you can get them printed and make a fine photo album of the rare pictures you found. You can even make the photo album considering a theme like wedding photos, baby photo, family reunions and surprise your grandmother with the bunch of happy memories of the beautiful moments she has spend over the years. This gift would be a heartfelt reminder of the legacy she has created on the earth. Send birthday gifts online to your near and dear ones and convey birthday wishes through lovely and thoughtful gifts.

Spending Quality Time

We hardly spend time with our elders as we are always occupied with work and other important stuff. So for your grandmother’s birthday take a day off from your office or from your college and be with her for the whole day. She would really love to spend this special day with you around. You can also invite few of your family members and relatives for a little get together and celebrate your grandmother’s birthday in a way she likes. Because no gift is precious than the time you give to someone and your granny would feel really special with this wonderful thought.

Surprise Cake for her

There would be hardly any birthday your grandmother would have cut the cake. So you can order a designer cake for your grandmother as no birthday is complete without a cake cutting ceremony. You can ask her favorite cake flavor and get the cake customized according to her choice. Nowadays there are number of cake options to choose from like photo cakes, fondant cakes, multi tiered cakes and what not. So, order a delicious designer cake to celebrate your granny’ birthday with love.

We hope these wonderful birthday celebration ideas make your granny’s birthday really special and very festive.


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