romantic birthday celebration ideas

Romantic Birthday Celebration Ideas for your Loved-One!

Our Birthday becomes more special when our loved one is by our side. Our special someone makes our birthday special by arranging some surprises and treating them with various gifts. The surprise can be anything taking her to vacation, arranging a surprise party or an expensive gift. Also sometimes a spark misses in a relationship after few years, by treating your loved one with some birthday surprises will bring back your relationship’s charm. Few sweet gestures are enough to impress her and make her believe how important she is in your life.

So here we are with some romantic birthday celebration ideas for your loved-one.

1) Wish with Roses Bouquet

Wish with Roses Bouquet

Roses are the most romantic flowers, roses symbolizes love and affection. You can surprise your loved one with Rose Bouquet on their birthday. You can either give them the bouquet at midnight or surprise them with a huge rose’s bouquet when they wake up in the morning. Roses are those flowers that convey our feelings and express our love to our better half. It is really difficult to find a perfect gift for our loved one so this rose bouquet is one of the best gifts we can give them on their special day.


2) Surprising with Gifts

Surprising with Gifts

It would be really special if you treat your loved one with surprises every hour. You can start treating with the surprises at the stroke of twelve in the midnight and continue till eleven at night the next day. As it is very difficult to find one perfect gift your loved one, you can purchase so many different gifts to compensate for the gifts they do not like much. You can surprise her with designer purses, branded make up, dresses, perfumes and jewelry. This would be the most brilliant idea to treat your loved one with surprises of gifts.


3) Give Romantic Gifts

Give romantic gifts

Romantic gifts are the ones that can be gifted to your loved ones which can be handmade. You can make gift cards, posters, gift baskets, frames, scented candles, etc. for your beloved. You can also gift golden rose, dancing couple showpiece, teddy bear speaking I LOVE YOU, rings, pendants or red roses for your dear one’s birthday. These gifts would be best for expressing love to your beloved. Handmade gifts are special because they are not having much monetary value but efforts in making that gift are appreciated so much. You can also send birthday gifts online if you are away from her on her birthday.


4) Spend Quality Time with Her

Spend Quality time with her

You can also spend some quality time with her by staying home, taking her for dinner, and going for a picnic or even to the salon. Also, you can make a meal by yourself and surprise her. You can express your feelings to her and spend some time together. Talk about life and tell her how important she is in your life and how much you love her. Keep yourself away from work for a day and give her the biggest gift time, this gift would be appreciated more than any monetary gift.


5) Plan for Surprise Birthday Party

Plan for Surprise Birthday Party

It would be a wonderful idea to host a surprise birthday party for your loved one. You can make arrangements secretly by keeping her busy with her friends. You can arrange for her favorite dishes and birthday decoration for her surprise party. You can invite all her friends and family members at the birthday party. You can arrange a party at your home or at any hotel. But you need to take care of one thing that if you are arranging at home inform your relatives to park their cars away from your home so that it remains a surprise party until the guests arrive.


6) Romance Her with a Love Letter

Romance her with a love letter

Even though you are not good at writing, make some efforts, and give your best. Just try to express your feelings and be romantic. Be genuine with your words and instead of typing a letter make handmade notes. Talk about all the things you love about her and what you thought when you first time met her. She will appreciate your efforts and start feeling for you more.


7) Play Her Romantic Song

Play her Romantic Song

If you are skilled enough to play an instrument and gifted to sing a song, sing a romantic song for her. Or else you can practice the song for a while and sing for her. It would be the sweetest thing to hear your favorite song from your loved one. You can also make romantic gift delivery to your beloved.


Hopefully, there are so many different ideas you can treat your loved one with. Try these wonderful ideas with your loved ones and make your partner’s birthday a memorable.

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