7 Perfect and Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Lifelong BFF

A best friend is rare to find but is a gem of a person. There are 8 billion people on this planet but there’s no one like your best friend. Our best friend is someone with whom you share sense of humor and taste in good movies. Some our best friend knows us better than we know ourselves, they are most special person in our life. It is very important to let your best friend know how important they are in our life. And birthday is a special day to do so; you can surprise them with lovely gifts and remind them how special they are. If you are confused or struggling to find best and perfect gift for your best friend we have got you covered. Thus we are here with 7 perfect and unique birthday gift ideas for your lifelong BFF.

Gift Basket for a Foodie

You would know your best friend better than anyone else. And if they are a foodie do not give a second thought and go for a gift basket that contains number of savory treats and surprises. No gift other than food can make your best friend feel special. The gift basket would contain so many snacks, candies, chocolate bars and so many sweet treats they admire. You can get a gift basket online of your best friend’s favorite treat and make them happiest with this gift basket for your best friend’s birthday.

Personalized Terrarium

If you are blessed with a green thumb best friend then you must surprise them with their favorite things that are related to plants. You can gift this customized terrarium to your dearest friend. This sealable glass container that contains soil and plants will be loved by your green thumb best friend. And they can open the terrarium as and when required for maintenance of plants and to access the plant. They can use this terrarium as decorative or ornamental item in their library or bedroom.

Engraved Picture Frame

Marriages are not the only relationships that deserve expensive and intricate framing. You relationship with your best friend is one of the most precious relationship too. So you can take one of your best pictures together and get it framed in a luxurious and pretty picture frame. This way you can cherish your memories with your best friend for life time. Your best friend can keep this frame in her bedroom and cherish your friendship forever. Order birthday cake online for your near and dear ones and wish them a very happy birthday through delicious and lovely birthday cake.

A Personalized Coffee Mug for her

If your best friend’s best friend is coffee, then get her a personalized coffee mug which she would wake up to everyday to drink coffee and think of you. Your best friend couldn’t start her day without a cup of coffee and so coffee mug is the best gift for your best friend’s birthday. Your best friend will use the mug regularly and also adore it. You can add a personal touch to the gift by using friendship quote on the mug or even your picture together with your best friend on the mug.

Make a BFF Movie

You would have lived thousand of memories with your best friend. So you can document all these memories together to make a BFF movie and take your best friend to a joyride of your blissful friendship. To make the video you can use short video clip of you and your best friend along with lovely pictures and selfie. You can also add a nice sound track and also add texts to your video. This BFF Movie will sure make your best friend emotional but she will feel so special at the same time. Also this would by far be the best gift your best friend would have received and they would feel blessed to have you as your best friend.

Give her a Sweet Surprise

Surprises are always best and something that is unexpected gives most joy to receiver. So you can keep your gift as surprise to your dear one. You can tell and show your best friend how amazing she is by surprising her with the box of decadent dipped cake truffles in all her favorite flavors. The best part about this surprise is the heartfelt hidden messages that you can write under each truffle. You can write a lovely and meaningful friendship message under each cake truffle. This is the best way to share a slice of cake with your best friend on her special day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If your best friend loves chocolates and strawberries this gift is going to give her sheer joy and happiness. The chocolate covered strawberries will make her special day extra special. So if you are away from your best friend on her special day and you want to make her smile. You can send her a box full of chocolate covered strawberries and wish her happy birthday in the sweetest way. They would literally love this sweet surprise from you. Send chocolates online to your friends and relatives on special occasions and festivals and convey your wishes in the sweetest way.

We hope these perfect and unique birthday gift ideas are loved and admired by your lifelong BFF.


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