8 Unique and Delicious Wedding Cake to Make your Wedding Stand out

Make dessert game strong at your wedding with an unforgettable wedding cake. Wedding cake is a very important centerpiece of the reception. Over the years people cake craftsmen are experimenting a lot with designs and details of the wedding cake, so it could make your wedding stand out. The wedding cakes have evolved and there are elaborate designs, fondant and sugar roses with intricate patterns to make your wedding cake a masterpiece. But still the most important thing remains the taste of your wedding cake. Thus we are here with 8 most unique and delicious wedding cakes for your wedding to make it most talked affair.

Hazelnut Almond

A rich flavorful cake like a hazelnut almond cake that is filled with dark chocolate ganache, mocha butter cream and raspberry preserves is amongst the best. This cake would taste like heaven and would even look like one. This is a perfect pick for the couple who loves nuts and chocolate. Also the combination of nuts and chocolate is a match made in heaven just the couple who is getting married. You can get the Hazelnut Almond cake in three tiers for a perfect wedding day cake delight. You can also get nuts sprinkled all over the cake to give the cake a nutty finish.

Spiked Red Velvet

Southern red velvet cake is one very famous wedding cake. Red is the color of love and mostly red velvet cakes are in heart shape which make a wonderful and most appropriate wedding cake. This cake contains decadent layers of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting which is definitely a crowd pleaser. You can also take icing to next level by lacing the cream cheese with decadent amaretto. Spiked Red Velvet cake is a good in between option of basic vanilla and chocolate cake.

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl

This cake is a paradise for chocolate and vanilla lovers. This cake is best of both worlds kind of cake as this vanilla and chocolate cake is layered with chocolate butter cream and mocha mousse. The mocha mousse adds a grown up twist to the cake and makes it even tastier. The guests too will appreciate this cake and you can get the cake in the trendiest design to make it the charm of your wedding day. Send cake online to your near and dear ones on special occasions and festivals to convey greetings and wishes for the same.

Pink Champagne

This is quite unique and luxurious wedding cake. In this cake instead of using water in the batter champagne is used. The pink color of the cake is achieved with the food coloring dye. There’s no better way of celebrating love and togetherness with some bubbly in your cake. The common fillings and toppings for a champagne cake includes rum flavored custard, dyed pink white chocolate shavings and Bavarian whipped cream. This cake is surely going to be a delight for all the guests as well as for the couple.

Caramelized Vanilla

Caramelized vanilla cake is unique yet a favorite of many. This cake is made with salted caramel butter cream and whipped dark chocolate ganache. This cake can be made multi tiered with intricate, gilded brocade patterns and can be adorned with woodland flora and fauna. This is also a best cake pick if you wish to bake a cake on your own for your wedding. The classic vanilla cake with this hint of caramel will steal the show for you.

Blueberry and Coconut

If you want to opt for an unusual cake flavor then go for this coconut cake dotted with blueberries. It is decadent enough and your guests would not have tasted it ever before. This cake features coconut butter cream, blueberry preserves and fresh orange curd. The cake not only tastes good but it also looks so vintage. It also goes well in weddings with traditional vintage theme.

Zesty Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you are having a winter wedding, this is the best wedding cake so far. This fun and unique dessert have a hint id chili powder as its secret ingredient. To give a kick to the cake the dark chocolate butter cream is spiked with chili between the slabs of cinnamon vanilla cake. Chocolate and chili is definitely a winning combination and you can trust this cake blindly for your big day. To make it look even more attractive you can dust cocoa powder over the cake and add texture to the cake. Make romantic cake delivery to your beloved on special day like Valentine’s Day or her birthday and convey your loved with this sweet gesture.

Honey Soaked Cardamom and Plums

Cardamom is a south Asian spice with a citrusy taste which in this cake is perfectly paired with seasonal plums. The strong taste of cardamom is toned down by soaking them in honey. This makes the taste of cardamom even better and this works best for the wedding cake.

We hope this unique, amazing and delicious cake makes your wedding a memorable affair. This cake looks wonderful with whipped cream frosted on it and also this wedding cake flavor tastes just as amazing as it looks. So if you want to go for a different flavored cake then go for this Honey soaked cardamom and plums cake.


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