8 Unique and Joyful Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddler

Finding right birthday gift for the little one is tough. It is more difficult because toddler isn’t a baby anymore and they are not a kid either. Toddlers might not know fully the concept of birthday but they sure are excited to eat the cake and receive gifts from their loved ones. But birthdays are a big deal and that little one too deserves gifts for his loved ones on this special day.

When you are planning to buy a gift for a toddler it can be ranging from educational gifts to play toys to artistic to activity toys that will help in development of the kid. If you are looking for some unique gifts for the munchkin, you should refer our below list of ideas to wish the little one a very happy birthday. You do not have to worry because we have got you covered and we are here with some cool and unique birthday gift ideas for toddlers that would make them happy and joyful on receiving it on their birthday.

Puppy Blooms Basket

This basket is crafted with bright white carnations; this canine cutie arrives in a dig bed basket which is holding a single red rose. So if you are looking for a gift that will delight the little one, this is it. This 3D arrangement of white carnations, single red rose, red mini carnations, pink wax flowers are accented with assorted greenery in the shape of dog. This type of crafted cute dog will surprise the little one and he or she will love it.

Belgian Chocolate Oreos

If you are looking for a sweet treats gift then this is the best choice. Mostly all the kids love Oreos, so you can treat the toddler with these Belgian chocolate Oreos. This is a spring tin of 16 Belgian chocolate Oreos that are dipped in 2 decadent layers of Belgian chocolate. Our artisans decorate each piece with hand and they are decorated with a sunny crafted royal icing to make it eye catchy. Send chocolates online to your near and dear ones for special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings in the sweetest way.

A Small Plant to Nurture

You can gift the little one a small plant to grow and nurture. So that from a very young age the kid will have a habit and will inculcate the quality of nurturing and watering he plants. A fruit tree is also an ideal choice because the kid will get so excited when the tree bears the fruits. Likewise you can gift a houseplant too as it would help the little one grow up in influence of plants.

Gardening Gift Basket with Mini Tools

If the little one is attracted towards greenery and plants you can gift him or her gardening gift basket. This gardening gift basket comes with sapling or seeds so that with the help of someone elder the kid can plant it. It also has some mini gardening equipments like a proper trowel, some organic slug killer etc. This way from a young age the toddler will become green thumb.

A Special Class According to his/her Interest

Even a toddler has so many interests and hobbies; there would be something they would love to do. So you can get them enrolled with a special class according to their interest it could be anything from kitchenette activity to dance classes to crafts classes. According to survey these types of classes would give them so much joy and they would definitely learn something from these classes.

Bakery Combo Gift

This is a mouth watering delight for the little one and it is a delectable combination that includes a cake of your choice along with fudge brownies, dozen gourmet cookies and chocolate chip blondes. All these come decorated in an elegant gift box along with a personalized greeting card which will make the little one more excited for the gift. Make birthday gift delivery to your friends and relatives and convey birthday greetings through lovely and amazing birthday gifts.

Perfect Pear Dried Fruit Tray

This is a delightful pear shaped bamboo tray is packed with variety of premium quality dried fruits like tropical pineapple, kiwi slices and mouth watering apples, apricots, pears, plums and peaches. It is also further finishes with luscious cherries and prunes. The product is a healthy and also very colorful so it is a perfect healthy treat for the toddler for celebrating his or her birthday.

Cute Teddy Bear

The adorable and hugable teddy bear is a great gift for the toddler. For all the kids their first best friend is their stuffed toy whom they can hug, talk to and also play with it. Thus gift the little one a cute and adorable teddy bear for their special day and make this day special for them. This cute teddy bear will make toddler’s best companion and they will forever have a friend.

We hope these 8 unique and joyful birthday gift ideas for toddler make them very happy and excited.

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