8 Wedding Cake Ideas for 2020 that will Give Amazing Reactions

Weddings sure call for big celebrations and it is one of the most auspicious occasions. It is the occasion when two people who is in love to embark their journey of togetherness in the presence of their loved ones. There are so many moments to cherish in this event for the couple to cherish for the whole life. And one of the most important thing for wedding is a wedding cake, sweet is so necessary to celebrate this event of love and nothing is better than a wedding cake which acts as both delicious end to the meal as well as makes perfect and pretty centerpiece for the reception décor. So if you or your loved one is getting married this year and are really confused in choosing perfect wedding cake, we have got you covered. The cake cutting ceremony is one of the most iconic moments in any wedding and it must be such that produces super romantic and emotive photo opportunities. Thus we are here with some 8 wedding cake ideas for the year 2020 that would bring amazing reactions and make many heads turn in your wedding.

Split Cake

This is one of the best cake trends of this year and it is quite unique. The cake is complete but the cake is split in two. This cake trend looks mind blowing and this way one cannot just get cake decorated from outside but also from inside. I am sure no one would have thought that a cake can have more cakes inside of it too. The cake is simply split from the middle and both the parts are decorated from inside with some gorgeous fondant artwork of the cake.

Hand painted Cake

Anything that is handmade becomes more precious and special. It always adds a personal touch to it and talking about wedding a special feel is a must. The cake artists put in a lot of effort into making the hand painted cake and the final result is just outstanding. This cake will look like a masterpiece just like any famous artwork and you will be hesitant to cut the cake because it is too pretty to cut it.

Geode Cake

Geodes are the hollow rocks that are filled with crystals and minerals and these cakes are nothing short of that. Beautiful cake are made hollow from one part and then beautifully decorated with edible decorations that would grab eyes of all the guests at the wedding. These cakes can be filled with rocky candy as well as isomalt shards too. So if you are looking for something unique and unusual then this a perfect cake for your wedding.

Ruffled Cake

This is a new concept to cakes but it has become very popular in very less time. The cakes when decorated in this style look so surreal and also very elegant. No one would be able to take their eyes off this cake at the wedding and the bride might get envious of the cake. These cakes are decorated with roses made with this technique only and by looking at the cake one might not be able to tell at the first instance that it is a cake.

Brushstroke Wedding Cake

These cakes are the next big thing at the wedding, this is a highly popular wedding cake theme and people are going crazy over it. This cake is also called part cake and part objet d’art. The cake is beautifully decorated with brushstrokes of the melted chocolate as well as ganache. Different colored chocolate is used for having these beautiful brush strokes on the very beautiful and lovely wedding cake to celebrate the couple.

Geometric Wedding Cake

Most cakes are round and circular but there is this new trend where the cakes are in squares and rectangle. Just like the normal tiered cake, this too is the same but with edgy that is squared cake slabs. This kind of cakes will look unique and people will be very amazed to look suck unique figured cake at the wedding. Just like usual cakes these cakes are also decorated in the same way. Make cake delivery to your friends and relatives for special occasions like birthday and convey your greetings in the sweetest way.

Extravagant Floral decorated Cake

Flowers on the wedding cake are quite obvious while very beautiful. In recent times couples have being wanting their wedding cakes of white and peachy tones that are decorated with same hued flowers like Roses. There are many edible flowers too, so some cake designers use those flowers to decorate the cake. And if you have a floral themed wedding an extravagant floral decorated cake is just perfect for such wedding and these would make great centerpieces at the wedding too. Send Flower Bouquets online to your near and dear ones for their special days and festivals to convey your wishes through fresh and stunning blooms.

Minimalist Theme Cake

If you are someone who doesn’t want to go over the top with cakes but want an elegant as well as decent wedding cake then this one is for you. These minimalistic cakes are trending these days and it can capture the hearts of the couple like no other cakes. There are cake designers that specialize in this cake theme and they would make masterpieces being minimal. Actually making a minimalistic themed cake is quite difficult because one has very limited options for decorations.

We hope these amazing and fine wedding cake ideas of 2020 will sure make the heads turn and will be the stunners in the wedding.


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