9 Fun and Crazy Ways to Celebrate Dad’s Birthday in 2020

We take our daddy’s birthday lightly and simply gift him something on this special day and think our job is done. We always think that dad is not fond of celebrating birthdays but that is not true. Even dads love when they are being pampered and surprised with lovely birthday celebrations and surprises. You can celebrate your daddy’s birthday in great pomp so that he have a great time and also cherish for years to come. Make your daddy feel extra special by making him do activities that he loves on his special day. It is your dad who would have been making arrangements for your birthday celebration since you were one and so now the tables has turned and it is your responsibility to make your dad feel otherwise. A dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. He is an extraordinary human who has gone far beyond his reach to give us a beautiful life. Thus we are here with some 9 fun and crazy ways to celebrate your dad’s 2020 birthday.

BBQ and a Movie

You can spend food filled day with barbecue and all of us know barbecue night is our dad’s favorite. You can have barbecue night at your backyard followed by a family movie night. Once your dad is in food coma he will love relaxing on the couch and watching a movie together with everyone. We are sure your dad will have great times enjoying food and movie with the whole family.

Special Cake for Dad’s Choice

Your dad is sure a superhero in your eyes and he has done enough to be called a superhero. And birthday is the best day to honor your dad with those hours of work he has done to give us a better life. You can order a delicious and designer birthday cake online that says you are a superhero. There are so many special cakes for dad for his birthday on online cake shops so choose one to convey birthday greetings to your dad.

Candid Photoshoot with Dad

One of the sweetest things to photograph is fatherhood and you will have very rare pictures with your dad because most dads do not getting photographed. But for memories have this candid photo shoot with your dad for his birthday and make his birthday very memorable. A bond between a child and his father is very unique and it can be documented with the help of lovely photographs. So make his birthday memorable by having a candid photo shoot with him.

Ride in Aircraft with your Dad

Give your dad an experience of lifetime with a ride in aircraft. Flying experience is a perfect surprise for your dad if he is someone who always wanted to be a pilot or had dreams of flying in air. This joyride along with your dad with gives you as well your dad some fondest memories which you guys will cherish lifelong.

Candle Light Dinner with Dad

You can surprise your dad with special dinner experience at the rooftop. Dinner at the restaurant will make your dad relieved and he will enjoy special meal with your and other family members. Candle light dinner is very special and it will show him how much you love him. This type of celebration will give family bonding time along with beautiful ambience and delicious food. Make Birthday gift delivery to your loved ones and wish them a very happy birthday.

Memory Timeline

You will have to start your work days before his birthday for this surprise. Collect beautiful memories and photos of your dad from his childhood till today and paste them in a photo book or create a photo collage. This type of gift will make him feel so special and he would be able to visit these memories. He would have spend some amazing time with you and his loved ones and these photos will take him on the nostalgic ride of all those events.

Cook his Favorite Food

If you want to make a very special gesture of surprising your dad you can prepare some of his favorite meals at home. If you are not a good cook you can start practicing these dishes in advance so that on his birthday the food turns out to be perfect. This type of idea is very special and your dad would totally love this idea. So spoil your dad with his favorite recipes on his special day. Send birthday cake online to your friends and convey birthday wishes on sweetest way.

Go on a Road Trip

If you haven’t taken a family vacation in a long time, then this is the right time to go for a road tripping with your family. The best part about road trips is that they can be as long as you want and to wherever you want. Take your dad to nearest mountains or to beach whichever place he likes. You can also have road trip to all his favorite hobbies like if he is history buff you can go visit some historical place or if he is an adrenaline junkie go to a place that has many adventurous sports.

Go on a Food Tour

If your dad is a foodie then this is the best option to make him so much happy on his birthday. You can go food hopping with your dad on his birthday starting from an early breakfast to dinner at night. You can also explore the city this way and walking tours are best as it will get your stomach growling. You will have so many creative foods and drink options which your dad will enjoy the most. And at the end of the tour not just your bellies but your hearts will also be full.

We hope these 9 fun and crazy ways are ideal to celebrate your dad’s birthday in the year 2020.

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