All About Pink Lilies: From Origin to Gifting


Gone are the days when people only used to prefer roses to show their love and commitment or even just as their favorite flowers. Now, many flowers come in this list – prominent being lilies. It is, for starters, the favorite flower of Rachel Greene (from the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)as well as carries a whole lot of significance. Given below is a comprehensive list of Lilies – from where it originated to how can you use it to gift someone.

1. Origin:

Pink Lilies come under the genus Lilium, the genus being known as the group of ‘true lilies’. There are many other lilies that are called by that name but don’t belong to this genus. Some of the examples of this phenomenon are water lilies, daylilies and calla lilies, among others. The lily can be traced back to Greek Mythology, especially to the story of Zeus and Hera. Zeus wanted Hera to breastfeed Hercules, but she disagreed, as Hercules was not her own son. Zeus brought Hercules to Hera while she was sleeping so that he can be breastfed – but she woke up, consequently pushing them away. The drops of milk, as a result, transformed into lilies when they touched the ground.

2. Symbolism:

Pink Lilies have a whole lot of meanings in different mythologies and cultures. For example, in Assyrian and Babylonian cultures, lilies are assumed to be the goddess of fertility, while Christians usually look at lilies (Madonna Lilies at that too) as a depicture of the Virgin Mary. Chinese cultures believe in the power of good luck, and lilies represent that – hence, they are used at weddings. These blooms also symbolize motherhood and rebirth, due to the story of Zeus and Hera.

3. Growing Lilies:

Growing pink lilies is now an easy task. For starters, it can be grown in containers as well as outdoors, with the usage of a very specific soil, crucial for perfect growth of these flowers. The soil must be porous and well-drained, with the inclusion of heavy organic matter – this will definitely help to make the bulbs stay in place for ages. Direct sun is most of the time essential for the flowers, while extreme hot atmospheres should see lilies in partial sunlight. The organic mulch should be applied in a 3-inch layer over the soil so that the moisture doesn’t escape the soil while the bulbs are safe from excessive heat during the hot days of summer.

4. Caring Tips (planting & watering):

Caring tips for lilies are few but crucial to remember. It doesn’t matter if the plant is purchased from an online flower shop or a physical one. Firstly, as these flowers do not require constant watering, you don’t have to remind yourself to do that – but make sure that watering is deep enough to reach the bulb. A balanced fertilizer, without high-nitrogen, removal of seedpods, and stems and foliage once they become yellow – some other important points to remember. These flowers should be removed once they start fading so that new blooms will blossom away!

5. Uses:

Pink Lilies have, surprisingly, many uses. To start with, there are medicinal uses – if boiled in teas, it can be used to treat and cure stomach disorders and also fevers. Also, it is known to support and assist women in the labor process. What’s more, it is also useful to help cure burns and sores. Along with it, it also treats skin ulcers, inflammation, burns, rashes; it can also be transformed into an ointment to help stop the formation of scar tissue if you ever have such deep of a bruise.

6. Design Suggestions:

Lilies look beautiful regardless of the arrangement you put them in. Just a single bloom as beautiful as the ones in the bunch. However, pink lilies are known to compliment and look even prettier with Alstroemeria, Carnation, or even Roses. Lisianthus and Asparagus paired with lilies really make a romantic combination, while Lilies with Calla and Monstera Leaf will give a more sophisticated and modern look – try your own combinations.

7. Send Love & Support:

With the help of lilies, you can easily send your love and support to your family and friends Send flowers to USA, Africa or anywhere around the globe. The pink lily, for example, portrays the feelings of empowerment and momentousness and can be used to celebrate a woman’s life and every event in her life. Other than that, other occasions can also be celebrated by giving out lilies – any kind and color.

There are many flowers that nature provides; the lilies are just one of the prettiest flowers out there. They are not only symbolically important but are very easy and efficient to take care of. Originally found in the drawings of the Minoan civilization – on the island of Crete –it is a much-loved flower among today’s people and society.

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