awesome ways to celebrate birthday

7+ Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday

How to celebrate birthdays in a unique way? It’s no secret that we absolutely LOVE birthdays and its different ways of celebration.

We found some interesting information about birthday celebration ideas and much more. Check it out!

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First, What is a birthday celebration?

The Birthday is the occasion when an individual celebrates the anniversary of their birth. There are different styles, ways, and traditions to celebrate a birthday. In some religions, the birthdays of founders are celebrated as a special holiday like Buddha’s Birthday.

Second, Where do birthdays come from?

It is a pagan tradition to celebrate birthdays. But, Christians don’t celebrate birthday historically because of a link to paganism. The ancient Greeks believed that each person has a spirit that attended his or her birth. This spirit has mystic relations with the god and thus the birthdays were invented.

Third, Why do we celebrate our birthdays?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Accomplishments, and other “milestones” are times where a person expects to be treated special. It’s those few days, in life where one gets to feel more important or loved a bit more, etc..

For instance, being rich may not make a person happy (in most cases it doesn’t), BUT being recognized as rich, does. Do you see the difference?

In general, people need things to keep life interesting, else boredom and depression set in. So, a few special occasions, a reason to “party”, helps keep things balanced. No matter what is your age or from where you belong, you love celebrating your birthday.  

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Find Extremely Fun Ways (Ideas) to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

We know that celebration ideas can be different, but that ultimate feeling of happiness remains the same for all. Today, we will share some of the fun and awesome ways to celebrate your birthday below.


Healthy food is important. For breakfast prefer peanut butter bread with honey and fresh strawberries. Or a bowl of wheat bran cereals and granola with fresh fruits and almond works the best. A glass of fresh juice can add on to your favorite food as well. Having this can also give tasty party bites with order cake delivery online.


A day starts with a healthy breakfast and then go for an adventure. Exploring the neighborhood, hunting for clubs, community, and library. The park and the bay just made your day well spend with nature. The best activity around is to go on an adventure and you personally make a mental note to stop by someday.


If you have some wish list that you have been waiting for. This is the day to show it. I went to have my first cold reading in the city with fellow actors through one of the known foundations. Getting back into acting after a break of a year was thrilling. It was a great opportunity to meet local play writers and actors to advance and improve my craft.

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A road trip with no destination in mind is just amazing. You always go on trips that planned. Going for a trip where you don’t know when and where you will be landing will be an adventurous way to celebrate a birthday. This crazy idea of celebrating a day will never let you forget it.


I always wanted to have one theme party for my birthday. If you wish the same go for it. Ask everyone to dress up in a theme that will match the whole idea of a party. It can be a retro theme, Disney World theme or robotic theme whichever you wish to. Try any of these 15 Thrilled Theme Party for the 18th Birthday.



Dedicating whole day to pamper yourself is not a crime. Celebrate birthday pampering yourself with things that you like to do. If you want to laze around just do it because that will make you happy. Go for a head to toe spa and have a rejuvenating day. Or go for some shopping to groom your wardrobe.


Online chocolate delivery can be bliss for you. Treat yourself with chocolates and let that kid inside you celebrate this special day. A character theme party or a cartoon theme party can be an idea you would want to go with.


It is always a bliss to see someone smile because of you. On your birthday make someone’s day special. If you are turning 20 go for 20 acts of kindness or you can just go for any random idea to help someone. What I did was picked up 20 people of the old-age house or orphan homes and with Giftblooms’s birthday flowers delivery service to send them surprises.

Other Crazy Ways to Celebrate Birthdays Can Be

  • Play loud music that you love and dance with a group of people. Have this activity indoors or outdoors on the lawn.
  • Throw a party that will bring back old memories. Involve some games that you use to play as a kid. If you are not familiar or don’t remember these games just Google them and you will find the details.
  • Ask one of your creative and crafty friends who is coming to the party to bring supplies. She/he can hold a mini class for guests. It will be involved and interesting for them to indulge in creative DIY wrapping gifts techniques. You can ask your friends to show off their expertise and they will be pleased to help you with your party. This does not cost you much and you can just have a blast at the party.

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