6 Awesome Wedding Celebration Ideas With Balloons

Wedding is an amazing celebration of life. Two people start their new life of togetherness. A journey to eternal love is what marriage initiates. Everyone plans their wedding to be grand. Decoration and food are the most important thing. You would like to make the decoration with the most unique things. Sometimes a small thing can act like a special thing. Balloons are very small things for decoration but they can be a unique one.

Here are 6 amazing wedding celebration ideas with balloons.

1) Ceremony Decorceremony-decor

Balloon is no doubt a good prop for decoration. But if it is not of right use it can create a mess in your party. For a wedding, you can make a fall-ceiling of this small useful prop. The crimson color helium balloons or the golden ones make good wedding décor. It is better to use one color for the theme than using many colors. The best way is to decorate the aisle with golden balloons through which the bride and groom will come in.

2) Give One to Your Flower Girl


It is like a gift of gratitude to the service the helpers have given. In the wedding there will always be two persons. One is the ring bearer and the other is the flower girl. How about handling them a big bunch of balloons as a touch of your gratitude? This will make the little tots feel special which being children they would love. Everyone loves children. So when you will be offering a bunch of balloons to those cute little lads, there will be shower of claps. People will love the idea of giving one of your balloon bouquets to your beloved little flower girl.

3) Photo Props


You can make a photo- booth to give your guests time to enjoy themselves. The photo booths need a good back ground. You can fill it with colorful and different shape balloons. The photo shoot they will have there will be wonderful. Or you can use the balloons as prop to make a gallery. There will be photos of you two together hanging from the helium balloon threads. These will keep the guests explore your journey together. This is one of the most precious wedding balloons decoration ideas. People are going to use it for their wedding as well.

 4) Reception Table Numbers


The tables are very important things in the wedding ceremony. People love to enjoy weddings and witness such. But they can barely stand throughout the whole ceremony. So chairs and tables are important. But making the chairs and tables beautiful is on you. At the back of every table, stick a colorful helium balloon. Tie them with silk coloring ribbons and they will float in the air. Now the only way to manage your huge invitees is to number them. You can’t number the people, but you can assemble them in given seats. You can mark the table numbers with those flying balloons. And how do you let the invitees know where they are going to seat? It is very simple; mention the number in their invitation cards.

5) Cake Toppings


Wedding is incomplete without the cake. Wedding cakes are available in any online shops. They are separate balloons for this occasion. To make your wedding celebration a quirky one, decorate the cake with balloon topping. Yes, it is possible. All you need to ask to your expert is to make some edible small size balloons. Then you put them upon the cake and then cut it.

6) Car Decorations


The conventional ritual of wedding is- decorating the bride-groom’s car with balloons. The theme is very common as pink and white. But you need a lot of balloons. Adding ribbons and flowers enhances the charm of the car decoration with balloons. You can make it simple but elegant. Stick the alternative color balloons one after another diagonally on the car. Do not forget to hang a board showing ‘Just Married’. You can get this balloon bouquet delivery from our online gift shop.

Wedding itself is a happy ceremony as it denotes the journey of a new beginning. Balloon turns the ambiance more memorable.

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