7+ Most Entertaining Birthday Games for Kids - They Loved it!

7+ Most Entertaining Birthday Games for Kids – They Loved it!

Children are best at their nuisance. They love to mess things up. To be honest, you might not like it every day. But on his/her special day, he/she is the priority. On birthday, one needs some innovative plans to cheer the guest children up. It will keep them enjoying the time. It might make your place dirty and messy. But when you see those bright happy faces behind the tantrum, your heart will melt for sure.

Here are 7+ messy and cheery birthday party games for kids.

1 : Color Water Balloon War

Color Water Balloon War Kids Birthday Game idea

This is an amazing and fun-filled idea to cheer the kids birthday party up. Make the kids wear white t-shirts first and then divide them into three teams. All teams will have different food color and water. Each team will have one specific color to fill the balloons and hit the opponent group members. Color balloon hitting on the chest or back of any participant will be out. The only rule of the game is not to hit the balloon in the head or face. The kid who will survive all the hits will be the winner of the game. It will make a little mess around the place. But it will be super fun for the children. If you know the theme of the game, you might send birthday gifts online related.

2 :  Food Fight

Food Fight Kids Birthday Game idea

Food fight is way more messy than water color balloon fight is. There are certain kinds of foods that you need for a proper food fight. The list includes jelly and spaghetti noodles for sure. Besides, there are peas and pudding. Keep in mind to throw such food that barely hurts. Give the children goggles for the protection of their eyes. To keep their party dress clean, give them rusty sack bags to wear on their dresses. If you want this to be a little different, order two cakes from birthday cake delivery sites. One for the celebration and the other for the food fight fun.

3 :  Egg Toss

Egg Toss Kids Birthday Game idea

This is another fun game. Here also, separate the children onto two groups and give each group a raw egg. Make each participant to walk with that egg on a spoon for a certain distance. It is best to map the distance from the beginning and keep it same for both the groups. More the number of kids from the group cross the distance without breaking the egg will win the game. Or you might give each kid one raw egg on the spoon and let them cross the same distance all at the same time. To avoid collision with each other, keep a 3 hand gap between each participating kid.

4 :  Mud Painting

Mud Painting Kids Birthday Game idea

It is an interesting way to bring out the artist inside your kids. Get each kid one small bucket full of well-pasted mud and a canvas. Let them discover the artistic side of their creation. All you need to keep an eye is on the worms. Natural mud has high tendency to have earth worms in them. You might opt for safer mud clay. Synthetic coloring clay might also work. The winner of the competition will have a small candy trophy. For all participants, you can order dozens of balloons from birthday balloons delivery service provider.

5 :  Rainbow Water Gun Battle

Rainbow Water Gun Battle Kids Birthday Game idea

This a game where adults can also join. Here also get white t-shirts for all the guests. Separate them into two groups. Give each of the group one identity color and water. Put one water-gun for each of them. The disqualification rule is to hit the colored water on the stomach and/or on back of other group-member. The last surviving member belonging to the group will win the battle. Keep exciting prizes for the children. This will give them enthusiasm.

6 :  Water Balloon Pinata

Water Balloon Pinata Kids Birthday Game idea

This is a game like breaking the brick or popping the balloon. While the children are playing outside in the garden, this game can be pure fun. Fill one balloon with water and hang it from a tree branch. Make sure it is not very high and is easily accessible by the kids. Pick one child and blind fold his/her eyes. Give him/her a plastic bat and let him/her find the balloon. When he/she pops it, everyone will get wet. To make it funnier, add some glitter and confetti inside the balloon.

7 :  Spaghetti Bowl Relay

Spaghetti Bowl Relay Kids Birthday Game idea

Spaghetti bowl relay is the kiddos’ favorite game. The rule of the game is simple. It is just like the relay race. Instead of the stick, here it is colorful oiled spaghetti. There is one bowl full of spaghetti on one end and another empty bowl on the other. Divide the distance into three parts and keep three participants between. If there are more people, revise it in many rounds. Each have to handover the spaghetti to the nest one and thus to fill the empty bowl. The first team to do that will win the game.

8 :  No Hands Jelly Eating

No Hands Jelly Eating Kids Birthday Game idea

It is a hilarious game. Put a stack of jelly on the plates of the each kid. Tie their hands behind their back and let them sit on the bench. They have to finish eating the jelly stack on the plate by their mouth. No spoon and no hands. The one who finishes first will be getting rewards.

Party games always engage kids and the best way to entertain them during the birthday celebration. With these fun creating games, keep the kids smiles preserved. It’s no fun if the kids are not enjoying the birthday parties. The above games will be perfect to bring joy to the children for sure.

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