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Balloon decoration is one of the trendiest ways of décor for any party. Also balloons are very cost effective and you do not need any professional guidance to decorate a party hall using balloons. You just need to have some innovative ideas and if you cannot really find we are here to help. You can spice up the party with balloons with a brilliant mind and some creativity skills. Also it doesn’t really matter whose birthday you are celebrating, balloons are apt for birthday celebration of anyone and everyone. The colorful balloons will literally change the vibe of the party and make it more happening and fun. So if you are looking for birthday balloon decoration inspiration you are at the right place. So get ready to take your birthday balloon decoration to the next level by suing the humble balloons in the most exciting ay and create some memorable moments with your near and dear ones for the birthday of someone really very special. Thus we are here with some top balloon decoration ideas for the birthday party.

Arrange Colorful Photo Booth with Backdrop

You can create a beautiful backdrop using balloons so that the guests can take pictures and feel special. You can add different types of shapes like circular, diamond, large heart etc depending upon the occasion to the wall and make it a backdrop. You can also create a photo booth using different types of themed balloons and can also use that type of balloons as props for clicking some fun pictures to make this special day memorable by capturing memories. Make birthday balloon delivery to your near and dear ones and wish them a very happy birthday in the most cheerful way through colorful balloons.

Balloon Chandelier with Photo Frames

This is one of the grandest decorations with balloons and anyone will be at awe of it. You can create balloon chandelier using colorful balloons, ribbons and photo frames. This type of decoration will show your creativity at its best. You can hang all the balloons to the ceiling and tie ribbons on to the end of balloons and to the end of ribbons you can attach the photos or photo frames. You can put different pictures of birthday boy or girl to make it look perfect for the party feel.

Ice Cream Balloons

This is a great idea for decoration of the little ones or anyone who loves ice cream a little too much. You can make ice cream like cones using the craft paper or newspaper. Make the paper cones and then place the balloon on the top of the cone and glue the paper to it. Your DIY ice cream balloons are ready for the party and you can hang those balloons. If you use helium balloons, these balloons will also float and make great décor for the birthday celebration.

Garland of Balloons

This is most commonly used balloon décor idea but yet the most charming. All you need is a thread and string along with inflated balloons to create balloon garlands. When you create the garland you can tie it across the room from end to end. You can also decorate the entrance door using this garland balloon. The color can be of single or double shade and take multiple color balloons to make a lasting impact.

Balloons Tied to Return Gifts

If you have group of kids coming to the birthday party then this decoration is the most appropriate. You can tie one balloon each on the return gift packet or hamper. And decorate these balloons tied to party favors at the corner of the room or on the centre table. This will keep the kids at the party curious and it will also look great for the birthday celebration.

Glitter Balloons

You can bring the bling effect to the party with these glitter balloons. Nowadays so many different types of balloons are available online and so you can order these glitter balloons and decorate with the same. You can also make gorgeous DIY glitter balloon with the help of big balloons, chunky glitter and a bit of mod podge. Simply inflate the balloon apply the mod podge on balloon and dip it into the glitter. Make chocolate delivery to your friends and relatives for special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings for the same in the sweetest way.

Give Under Water Effects

If you are having water themed birthday party then this type of décor will give all the feels at the party. Create under water or under see effects with the help of blue colored balloons and ribbons. You can use combination of different blue colored balloons along with blue wavy streamers. This type of decoration will remind of gentle waves and everyone at the party will be stunned of such lovely party décor using balloons.

We hope these balloon decoration ideas for birthday party will make your décor more creative and fun so that everyone can take beautiful pictures at the party.

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