Special Designer Birthday Cake Ideas for your Favorite Person

There’s really no birthday party, if there’s no cake. Thus you can make a birthday party sweeter with a frosted confection. There are number of cakes you can choose from to make your special one’s birthday memorable. Thus the best way to make someone’s birthday the best birthday ever to you can surprise them with a kickass cake. And also the perfect birthday cakes exists which will make your favorite’s person birthday a bit messier but a lot happier. Thus we are here with some special designer birthday cakes that your favorite person will love and cannot over the cake for years.

Cortina Chocolate

This is a sheer delight for the ones who loves chocolate cakes. This Cortina Chocolate Cake is topped with white chocolate dipped profiteroles and it can serve up to 15 people. This is basically a chocolate sponge cake layered with fresh cream and finished with chocolate shavings on the top. It is also surrounded with chocolate curls and chocolate syrup is drizzled over the cake to make it look more attractive. This is soft, sweet and completely irresistible cake which your dear one will surely love. The layers of chocolate cake, each one sandwiched together will make it really special for your favorite person.

Maltesers Cake

This is great and fun chocolate cake which is decorated with fingers and maltesers chocolate. It can serve up to 10 people. On the top it is covered with chocolate malt balls and decorated with white and chocolate malteser chocolate sticks from sides. Everyone will love this gorgeous four layer Malteser Cake. This is a deliciously soft chocolate cake topped with creamy milk chocolate butter cream and of course covered with Malteser chocolates. The complete covering of chocolate malt balls will not only add taste but also make the chocolate cake taste crunchy and make it look fantastic.

Mille Feuille Fruits

This is a great option of cake which is loaded with fruits, so if your dear one loves fruit this is the best option available. The mille feuille simply means thousand sheets, thus this cake is made of so many layers of vanilla slices or custard slice. The top layer of the cake is dusted with confectioner’s sugar and glazed with icing or fondant. Also so many fruits like kiwis, strawberries, and banana are sliced on the top of the cake. This cake is unlike any modern cake but trust us it is a wonderful fruit cake that will be admired by all.

Three Chocolates

This cake is a delicious and irresistible combination of 3 layers of chocolate. It is a triple chocolate mousse cake and an amazing combination of chocolate fudge, chocolate cake and chocolate & white chocolate mousse. The smooth and creamy layers of mousse on the top of a rich, moist cake are bliss. This is truly a lovely and chocolaty cake through which you can convey your birthday wishes to your special someone and through this delicious cake remind them of the sweet relationship you share with them. Send birthday cake online to your friends and family on their special day and wish them a very happy birthday.

Special Box Cake

This is a very unique cake through which your special one would be delighted and also feel very special. Actually the cake is made in form of box, so that you can stuff some chocolates inside the cake. Likewise 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates are filled in the cake and the cake is presented as a gift box. This cake can serve up to 10 people. This cake is too cool to eat and even the guests would be astonished looking at this Special Box Cake. The chocolate is packed with your favorite hazelnut and butter cream flavors.

Spiky Chocolate

This is again an irresistible spiky chocolate cake that is filled with two layers of delicious chocolate. The cake is topped with swirl and spikes of chocolate perfect finish and dark chocolate ganache. These spikes look like thick thorns on the cake but they are actually chocolaty thorns which are too delicious. So if you want to surprise your favorite person with an unusual cake, this is the perfect choice of the cake for their birthday. This cake can serve up to 15 people and definitely shock the guests with its unusual look. But its taste and deliciousness is surely going to mesmerize all the guests as well the birthday girl or boy.

Fruit Cream Cake

This is a special fruit cake for the delivery in Hong Kong. This is a wonderful vanilla cake with one bowl of butter cake that is baked in a pretty dish and topped with tangy whipped cream and not o forget the piles of summer fruit. The cake is attractive and colorful with the presence f fruits like rosy strawberries, ripe peaches, juicy blackberries etc. The cake is also topped with whip cream that tastes so well with the fruits. Thus is a perfect, light and fruity dessert especially for your dear one’s most special day. Make cake delivery to your near and dear ones on special occasions and festivals to convey greetings in sweet and delicious way.

Strawberry Floral Cake

This is an extravagant strawberry floral cake which will delight your favorite person if strawberry is their favorite fruit. Actually the cake is decorated with strawberry frosting in the form of flowers. Also strawberries are garnished on the cake to make it look more attractive. Thus let your loved one savor the richness and flavor of strawberry cake. You can convey your love and wishes to dear one through this heart melting strawberry cake and win their heart. This is also a great cake option to pamper your loved one on Valentine’s Day as well and the cake is two tiered.

We hope your favorite person on this planet loves this delicious cake and feel very special through this lovely gesture.


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