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Sweet Sixteen Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Sixteen Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

The sweet sixteen is the birthday every girl is waiting for. If you are not at all updated on the latest trends and happenings. You might not be able to throw an ideal party for your 16-year-old, which she will love and cherish. Turning 16 is a special event for each girl, and so, she deserves a special gift. You might want to put in some extra effort to pick a gift item, and the list given below will help you, that are for sure.

1] Glamour Jewelry

Glamour Jewelry

Glamour jewelry is the best of all when it comes to gifting a girl. If you are wasting your time in finding sixteen birthday gift ideas for girl, then stop doing that, because this gift will save you. The whole set is under 30 bucks so that it doesn’t feel that heavy on your pocket. There is an eclectic and stylish combination of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The set is craft with much care for its quality and finesse. You know how much the birthday girl would love it.

2] Perfume Magic

Perfume Magic

Perfumes are an absolute favorite among beautiful girls. So why not give her a pretty aesthetic and quite a fragrant set of perfumes? Birthday gift delivery for perfumes is quite possible through online means, so it is handy. The set would contain 5 designer scents, all packed in a cute 2.5 ml spray bottles, with the same themed jewelry set. The entire box is just around 20 bucks, and very worth it, if you ask us! So, let her spray herself in the sweetest of the smells on her birthday.

3] Spa Basket

Spa Basket

Whatever it is, every person would love to have a spa done, at least once in their lifetime. So, if you are thinking about 16th birthday gifts for daughter, let one of them be a beautiful and compact spa basket. Put together some proper bath melts, of different flavors and fragrances. So about get her an experience equal to a spa right at her home. There exist an online variety of gift sets, which happen to be a perfect option as a gift for a teenage girl.

4] Cute Plush Slippers

Cute Plush Slippers

Teenage girls are always seen obsessing over their perfect idea of shoes. What’s more, every girl does that. As of 16th birthday gift ideas, you can always buy cute plush slippers. Plush slippers, usually used inside the house, are soft, warm and undoubted, comfortable. You can have those cute cat ones, or rabbit ones, or panda ones – the possibilities. As you will see for yourself on the shopping day, are endless. While these slippers are unisex, you can pick whichever design the birthday girl will love.

5] Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Cakes are important of any kind of celebration, and even more so of a beautiful little girl of 16. It is good that you have the ability to order cake online, especially with customizations, made just the way your daughter would want it. You can make it all by yourself so that you won’t have to spend more money on it, as well as the fact that since it is homemade, it adds even more charm to it.


6] 16 Birthday Party Decoration

16 Birthday Party Decoration

The sixteenth birthday is quite a milestone – and the decoration should meet its status. There are always the generic decorations of party streamers, balloons, flowers and of course, the cake. But, take it up a notch and incorporate a theme in the party. Ask your guests to dress and get a gift in that line as well. There are a lot of options that you can put in place at a party – surfing online will get that. Having a theme will make her birthday that much more special; and that’s exactly we want now, doesn’t it?

7] Gourmet Cookie Bouquet

Gourmet Cookie Bouquet

Cookies are an absolute favorite of the entire mankind. So, when it’s your daughter’s birthday. You will never go wrong with a cookie bouquet. There is a lot of bouquets online, but it will be worth it if you buy a gourmet cookie bouquet. This poses to be one of the perfect 16th birthday gift ideas for daughter. You can always personalize the bouquet with your colors, size as well as designs. Let her devour her cookies whenever she wants it.

8] Sweet 16 Birthday Basket

Sweet 16 Birthday Basket

Birthday baskets are always a nice idea! And you know how the teenage girls love having a basket filled with assorted gifts. You can put together sixteen beautiful gifts into an equally beautiful basket, and present it to her on her birthday. Get her something which she will absolutely love. You can pull together snacks, or some makeup stuff or perhaps, some books as well. Rest assured, she is going to love it!

Sweet sixteen is the ceremony marking the transformation of a girl into a beautiful and bold young woman. Although it will have a lot of different traditions for celebrating it. Giving gifts will always remain constant – and the one given above will help, a lot.

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