Top 10 Yummy Cakes for Ice Cream Cravings

Top 10 Yummy Cakes for Ice Cream Cravings

If you are very much in love with ice-crème and cake then this article is going to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we have mentioned the ice-crème cakes for that sweet tooth. The fusion is alluring and mouthwatering. Many of us love to eat vanilla, butterscotch flavors but they could not find the same taste in cake. We have got covered some beautiful ice cream cake list added favorite ice-crème flavors. One can enjoy their ice crèam cravings in their favorite cake. Let’s find you the yummy ice crème cakes here.


1] Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Here comes a beautiful cake burst with lots of choco-chip ice crème inside. Put an ice crème scoop on the bottom layer of hard cookies cake and then spread the choco-chip ice crème. And then do the same process with other layers of cookie cake. Let it freeze for some time to set. You can add your favorite ice crème flavor as a sandwich inside the cookie cake. You can also use big sized fortune cookies to make the ice crème sandwich. Don’t keep it outside from the freeze. Take the sandwich cake out only on the serving time.

2] Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate and ice cream are best friends. The ice cream looks incomplete without the chocolate spread on it. Use chocolate flavored sponge cake here to enhance the flavor of chocolate. And then spread the Chocó chip ice crème all over the layers of chocolate cake. Now repeat the same process. Use chocolate frosting to cover the cake. Now put it inside the freezer to set for some time. Serve chilled only. And if you are not able to make it you can send chocolate cake online from here.

3] Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

One can enjoy the buttery feel inside the cake with this recipe. The peanut butter ice crème cake is a low-calorie cake used to satisfy the cravings of ice crème. The peanut butter ice crème is allowed to set inside the cake and then the whole cake is glazed with peanut butter frosting. Crunchy peanuts and almonds are garnished on the cake to add some crunch. Peanut butter ice crème cake tastes best.

4] Club Tropicana Ice Cream Cake

Club Tropicana Ice Cream Cake

The no-bake cake is right here to tempt the sweet buds. it can be prepared just before the guests arrive. The raspberry, mango, pineapple flavor ice crème gives this cake a tropical feel. Put one square piece of mango ice crème then spread raspberry jello over it. now come pineapple ice cream and then glaze it with mango syrup. This is how you can add colors to this Tropicana ice cream cake.

5] Churros Ice Cream Sandwich

Churros Ice Cream Sandwich

It is as simple as you make a vegetable sandwich. Take your churros outside from the freeze and then put it in a frypan until golden brown. Now they are ready to hold an ice crème. Now put your favorite ice crème scoop in it and then cover the top layer with another doughnut. A churros ice crème sandwich is ready just in fifteen minutes.

6] Caramel & Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

Caramel & Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate, caramel, and coffee all three add a great taste to any dessert. So here we pull all three ingredients into one to make a heavenly dish. Take one caramelized waffle and then put the scoop of coffee ice cream to fill inside this. Now cover the layer with another waffle. Whenever you serve spread some caramel on this coffee and caramel ice crème sandwich. You are sure you want a designer cake? Then get custom birthday cake delivery online from here.

7] Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

No more extra efforts you need to make this cake. Get the red velvet cake and then cut three layers of it. You have to put in an ice crème in the place of whipped crème. Once you are done with it let it chill for some time. Cover the cake with raspberry frosting.

8] Vegan Frozen Cheesecake

Vegan Frozen Cheesecake

For that person allergic to dairy products can enjoy eating unlimited cake here. This vegan ice crème is made with banana pulp then milk or dairy products. You can use this vegan ice crème as a base and then garnish it with lots of apples, fruits, and caramel, and sauces.

9] Nutella Ice Cream Cake

Nutella Ice Cream Cake

Get some crumbled cake here. Now add some Nutella ice crème into it. Now put this into the cake pan. Now let it the Nutella ice crème cake set in the freeze. It gets ready in just a few minutes. Your kids love Nutella you have a great idea to taste them Nutella in a different way.

10] Ice Cream Sundae Cake

Ice Cream Sundae Cake

Enjoy Sunday with lots of ice crème and cake. Here comes A brownie cake base is smothered with lots of ice crème on the top. And then lots of colorful sprinkles reveals the magic of holiday fun. The tiny cones are garnished with lots of ice crèmes in it. The whole cake is garnished with lots of candies, Chocó chips.

Here are some wonderful fusions of ice crème presented in the cake form. They just not look beautiful but tastes heavenly. Try to make it at home, it is very simple. And if you are not good at baking a cake at home you can order cake online from here. Kids love ice cream so your effort will put a smile on their faces. Just know the recipe from youtube. You will get to know about other recipes too. The process is the same just you need to do minor changes in making ice crème cake at home. Or else you can try the methods of the above-mentioned ice crème cakes.

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