Top 9 Beautiful yet Delicious Wedding Cake Trend in Canada

We witnessed people going gaga over beautiful and huge wedding cakes to make their life event even more memorable. Cakes are inseparable part of any occasion and when talking about weddings, cakes have to be extravagant so make our event grander. There are various types of fondant cakes available that is more like a piece of art that would surprise all the guests. With time the cake making art has modernized and with effects and icing techniques some spectacular cakes are made. Thus we are here with top 9 beautiful yet delicious wedding cakes that are trending in Canada.

The Traditional Cake

This is one of the classiest cakes that would never go out of style. This traditional cake is made of soft tones like white, baby pink and other lighter shades with cute flowers. These traditional cakes are usually two to three tiered cakes. There can be themes like flowers, butterflies, pearls and other such things that are designed over it to make it more beautiful. Thus this is the most preferred cakes for wedding and always a hit cake for an auspicious occasion like wedding and anniversary.

The Cupcake Tower

Cup cakes are a lot easier to eat than regular cakes. The cup cakes would not make eating a cake messier and will be available in all different types of flavors so you can offer favorite flavors to your relatives. You can choose different types of cup cakes like red velvet cup cake, chocolate cupcake, cookie and cream cupcake and many others. All the cup cakes are arranged on the three tiered stand so that it will look similar to any three tiered cake. You can also get wedding theme decorations done on the cake like topping them up with heart candies.

The Naked Cake

This Naked cake steal the show back in 2014s, everyone just loved the idea of naked cake. These naked cakes are traditional sponge cakes which are not frosted but there are delicious fillings between different layers of the cake. For decorate this naked cake you can sprinkle powder sugar on it, decorate fruity berries on various parts of the cake, cover the layers with rosemary and lavender branches to give it a vintage and rustic look. We believe this trend is surely going to make a huge comeback, so if you are planning your wedding anytime around go for this one.

The Macaroon Cake

Macaroons are newest favorite dessert of everyone because they are cute and available in almost every color. Nowadays for wedding cakes people have been using these macaroons to decorate the wedding cake. A regular two to three tiered cake is prepared and white icing is applies all over it. There are macaroons all around the cake in colours like red and pink; you can also add decorative hearts to make the wedding cake look even more romantic. Make cake delivery to Canada to your loved ones on their special occasions to convey your wishes.

Shaggy Cake

Do you want to go for something extraordinary and unusual? These cakes are perfect. The cake would look a shag rug. And you could incorporate your wedding colours onto this wedding cake and make it look more thematic. This cake can also be a tribute to your fur ball, your pet. The cakes are baked regularly and then frosted with a single strand individually so that it looks like shags on the rugs. This is one of the unique types of cake which you would have hardly seen, so go for this one if you are searching for something different.

Botanical Cake

This is a perfect cake for the couple who are inclined towards Mother Nature and loves greenery. The cake is covered with fondant of soft tones and then decorated with edible flowers and organic herbs. These types of cakes are perfect for outdoor weddings. The cake decorations are also made with confectioner sugar that are eatable, thus this also makes a perfect cake for the rustic wedding theme. Many times even tiny succulents and cactuses are used to decorate this cake to give it rustic look.

Cakes that is Black or Celestial

For the love for space and other celestial objects, couple goes for black cake that looks so sizzling. These black cakes definitely look like you are gazing on a milky way but of chocolate. You can decorate the cake will real edible flowers so that they would be in theme with wedding also. If you don’t want flowers make star like and planets like figures out of fondant and decorate them all over the huge cake and imagine having a wedding in some other planet. Thus ditch those traditional white cakes for this dreamy black cake.

‘Feathered’ Wedding Cake

These cakes are called Brushstroke cake that originated from Russian cake maker Kalabasa. He used to design feathers and the cake makers got inspired from that and made feathered wedding cakes. The cake is decorated with brushstrokes of icing that looks like feathers on the cake. There are amazing videos on internet to get inspired by this cake trend. Send chocolate cake online in Canada to your friend on his birthday, and wish him very happy birthday through this lovely gesture.

Anything Hand Painted

If you want to go overboard with your wedding cake, this option is great. Your wedding cake is made into a canvas and painting is done on it. You can get flowers with twigs, your portraits and so many other objects drawn on your cake. This cake looks so beautiful and larger than life. The guests would be stunned and this cake will definitely make your wedding memorable. Make cheesecake delivery in Canada to your beloved on a special day like Valentine’s Day and send your love to them.

We hope these wonderful wedding cakes make your wedding day more extravagant and grand.


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