Trendy and Popular Theme Party Ideas for 2020: You will enjoy It

If your loved one’s birthday party is nearby and you are absolutely clueless about the themes, do not worry we have got your back. The theme of the party can make the special day even more exciting. Every one’s birthday is a very special one and we want to make it memorable for them and everyone around. Themes are very special elements in a party and they can add a charm to everything, whether it is the costume of the birthday person or guest or the decoration of the party. Themes nowadays are not limited to the gender of the birthday person and you can incorporate almost anything into a theme and make it look fabulous. You do not really have to wrack your brains because we are here to do that for you and make this birthday party theme idea a cake walk for you. So if you are looking for some great birthday party or just themes for various parties you are at the right place. We are here with some new trending and popular themes party ideas for 2020 so that you can rock it.

Travel Theme

For the travel buff this theme is beyond perfect. You can have the décor using colorful passports and briefcases. This theme opens a lot of scope for experimentation when it comes to the décor and the birthday cake. You can give a touch of maps to everything and also have inspiration of airplanes and luggage bags. So if you are looking for a magnificent theme then you should definitely go for this one.

Fortnight Theme

Every one of us knows this theme has become very popular in recent times and it makes to the list of best party themes. We have seen this theme in popular video games like Mario but never thought it can be in real too. Planners have a lot of color options to choose from for this theme. Décor look great with incorporation of many colors, so consider this theme for the ones who loves the remote and you can also have this theme party in outdoors as well as indoors. Send birthday gifts online to your near and dear ones for their birthday and convey your greetings to them for their special day.

Green and Natural Theme

This theme is usually for the girls who love flowers, greenery and little strolls to their garden. If you think going for extravagant themes is too exhausting and slightly over the top then you must definitely go for this theme. The muted color palette along with flowers in this theme can give a calm ambience as it will look very natural and fresh. This theme would be great if you are hosting a day time party and when the venue is outdoors. You can also add lovely macaroons for lovely dessert for the day.

Japanese Theme

This Japan theme is out of the box kind of theme as it is not very popular. You can have this type of theme party planned for someone who is fond of cherry blossoms, pretty umbrellas, pointed hats and samurai fighters. These are some of the coolest elements which you can incorporate in this theme. This theme will look very colorful and it will also make any venue look so stunning. This theme is perfect for the ones who want something unique for their birthday party.

Honeycomb Theme

This is again one of the most amazing themes. This theme is perfect for the ones who loves yellow color and also great for the little girls. You can have outdoor venue for this particular theme. The yellow color in this theme will make the entire ambience well lot and bright. You can also experiment with the pattern of the cake. You can choose a cake in the bee shape or you can choose a tiered cake that is accentuated with honeycombs.

Royal Theme

This theme is not only allocated to the blue blooded. We are as royal as we like to be and this theme can suit anyone whether a kid or an adult. The blue color in this theme can make charming ambience for the party. You can take inspiration from internet and find a nice costume for the birthday boy or girl. You can choose a multi tiered cake and also have satin veils for the decoration of the venue. You can also have décor using jewels and pearls, photo frames of kings for this theme.

Emojis themed Birthday Party

The best part about this emoji themed birthday party is the bright and cheerful emojis. You can use the emoji balloons for the décor of this birthday party. Likewise you can also have an emoji cake and let the decoration be done with everything in yellow. You can plan party favors, food, and games, back drop everything inspired from emojis because it will look so cute and adorable. For little fun you can give the guests emoji masks too.

Social Media Themed Based Party

This theme has to be one of the most popular because nowadays mostly everyone is so inclined to social media applications. You can have decoration using color scheme of various apps like Instagram, Snap-chat, Facebook, Whats-app etc. You can also get a cake inspired from it. Create a photo booth with fun emojis and like, share and comment sign for all the feels. You can search for party supplies online for this theme party.


Bohemian Theme

Get your inner flower child channeled for a bohemian party. This theme is all about being unconventional, free spirited, natural and rustic. You can decorate the venue with mismatched tableware and vases along with macramé or fringes in different colors. Also don’t forget the flowers in this theme. You can also keep flowers at the centre of this theme and have a floral bohemian party, it is look very pretty. Make birthday cake delivery online to your friends and relatives for their special day and wish them many many happy returns of the day with scrumptious cake online.

We hope these trendy and popular theme party ideas for the year 2020 will give you and your loved ones wonderful and fun times together


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