9 Best and Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas in Quarantine Time

Even if you are at home you can have one of the best birthday celebrations ever. Birthday parties are sure special but it is not necessary to spend your birthday outdoors with your friends. You can also be at home and have the best time with your family. You can celebrate with your friends through a video call practicing social distancing. Obviously you won’t be able to throw a huge party but in a way can have a virtual birthday. You can also send deliveries of food and drinks to your friends so that they can celebrate with you. There are so many things you can do at home and celebrate your birthday and make it memorable. There are plenty of ways through which you can make your birthday special. Also when the pandemic ends and it will end you will have an excuse to throw biggest birthday party of all time and in a way you will get to celebrate your birthday twice a year. Thus we are here with some 9 best and unique birthday celebration ideas while you are in Quarantine.

Send Card

The easiest way to show your love to your dear one is with a card. It is okay you cannot personally meet your loved one on their special day because of Quarantine, you can simply send them a birthday message that will help you convey your love and birthday wishes to them. A handwritten birthday message or even a mail will work during these quarantine times and your dear one will appreciate your birthday wishes.

Deliver Champagne to their Doorstep

You and your dear ones might be able to raise a glass together, but you can definitely deliver champagne to your loved one so that he can celebrate his birthday. You can simply make an online order of Champagne and get it delivered to your loved one’s door step and convey your wishes for their birthday. Sometimes it may suck being home on birthday but this champagne will make sure your dear one have little birthday celebration.

Send Dessert

Quarantine time is a very tough time for the local businesses so you can send a cake or any type of dessert to your dear one and this way also help the local business. No matter where you spend your birthday cake cutting is must for any birthday celebration. So by sending a cake to your dear one you will surely bring a wide smile on their face. So even if they will be at home on their birthday they will have great birthday celebration with this cake. Make online cake delivery to your near and dear ones for special occasions and festivals to convey your wishes.

Take a Trip to the Museum

Birthdays are special time to learn and explore something new. Many online sites and YouTube channels are offering free virtual tours right now so you can make the most of it and visit any museum, zoo or theme park. This way even by staying home you will be able to virtually visit many new places and learn things. You can also set up a group chat while you navigate the exhibits and discuss your findings with your friends and loved ones.

Write them a Song

If you are musically inclined, you can take some time out surprise your special quarantined friend for his birthday. Write a beautiful song for your loved one, send it online or you can also present the song to them via video chat. If your whole group is artsy you can present song to the birthday boy or girl through different musical instruments in a group video call. It does not necessarily have to be a song you can also be a poem, a dance, a speech or even a piece of art.

Host a Film Screening

Netflix provides you an option watching movie online with your friends so that you guys can chat while the movie is on even though you are at different places. This way even if you are away from your friends and loved ones you can host a film screening online and if possible send popcorns, beverages etc delivered to your dear ones so that they can enjoy the movie.

Throw a Margarita/Margherita Party

Pizzas get delivered even in apocalypse and they taste best when served with cold beverages. You can make homemade pizzas together so that you can enjoy them with your family members. You can also get pizzas delivered to your friends and relatives so that you can celebrate your birthday pizza party through a group video call. Send birthday gifts online to your friends and relatives on their special day and wish them a very happy birthday.

Host a Barbecue for Family

You will be quarantined but the best part is you will be quarantines with your family so you can definitely have fun and celebrate your birthday with your family members. You can create a barbecue menu and everyone in the family together can help you make these dishes so that everyone can hog on it later and celebrate birthday barbecue with you. Barbecue is easy to make and everyone together can make it a success.

Have a Self Care Day

You can have a self care day at home and you can also include members of your family if you want to. Light up the fragrant candle and indulge in facials and sheet masks. You will have some spa products at home and if you do not have enough do not hesitate in making some DIY self care products like body butter, bath bombs and other such bath and body care products. Self care is best and there’s no better way to spend your birthday.

We hope these best and unique birthday celebration ideas gives you one of the best and most memorable birthday even during quarantine time.

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